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Product: Lightfoil 2 and 3

The Lightfoil family delivers abundant, even light for contemporary large-scale environments. Each throws light forward above the horizontal plane and eliminates high-angle glare, while also redirecting a small portion down the wall to soften brightness and contrast, and add visual interest. Both families can be ordered in 1-, 2-, 3-, 4-, or 5-foot lengths, each with a gently curved wing of lightweight composite material to conceal the extruded-aluminum housing, electrical components, and faceted optics. The Lightfoil 2 has a total height of almost 5 inches and a projection of almost 12 inches, while the Lightfoil 3 measures just over 6 inches high with a projection of just over 14 inches. A range of fluorescent and HID sources are available. Uniform ceiling coverage is achieved with luminaire intervals of up to 15 feet on center. circle 159