lightolier controls |

Product: LYTEmode

Measuring under 5 inches long and approximately 3/4 inches thick, and featuring a brilliant 3 1/2-inch color display, the LYTEmode wireless unit provides real-time individual channel control of 12 scenes and adjustable fade times, graphic representation of channel intensities, and lighting control status. Utilizing wireless technology, reliable and secure connections are obtained over a range of 30 feet. Power is supplied through a lithium-ion removable battery, and a rechargeable AC adapter comes standard.

Product: LyteScene

The LyteScene touch screen captures and simulates the control panel functions of any LYTEmode network master station or remote in real time through a contemporary colorful, graphic interface. System adjustments can be easily made with the system's software on the approximately 6 1/2-inch screen, which features a high-performance backlight, optional custom background logos, standard wiring for connection to the network, low power consumption, fanless operation, and an IP65-rated front bezel.

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