This year, architectural lighting's editors were compelled by the good intentions of several manufacturers to make the world a better place-with products that give a nod to the ideas of reuse and recycling, or that offer a hand to struggling communities in places such as Columbia, Indonesia, and Africa. While not an overwhelming trend, it is a rustling in the bushes that deserves attention. We also recognized the ever-intensifying industry attention to products that embrace the notion of daylight as an essential design tool. Lastly, we were very interested to learn of a new ballast, designed to aid the overburdened power grid-and in the process, save energy-currently being developed by the Lighting Research Center. Three cheers from all of us to these efforts! A|L

Products Leds

citizen electronics |

Product: CL-652 Series

This series of white LEDs produces light via eight LED junctions tightly packed around a common reflector and high-efficiency lens within the device. Each junction can be individually powered so the array can run in a series or in parallel configurations. Offering a luminous flux of 89 lumens, the LED is ideal for general illumination, appliances, backlighting, projection, and accent lighting. Measuring 14 by 14 by 5 1/2 millimeters, the white LED has a 5000K color temperature.

acrilex |

Product: Acriglas Marble/Granite

Acrylic Sheets

Suitable for applications that require complex formed or fabricated shapes, these acrylic sheets are available in an assortment of 12 standard colors and custom selections that resemble a natural stone palette. Lighter in weight and easier to fabricate than stone or glass, the sheets are durable, and come in a variety of sizes. Thicknesses range from 1/8 inch to 1/2 inch.

gkd |

Product: Mediamesh

This wire mesh with embedded LEDs makes it possible to display electronic images on metal faéades. Non-flammable and corrosive-resistant, the mesh is woven to a specified width and length, and then outfitted with LEDs and cabling. LED resolution can be varied based on requirements. Mesh arrives in rolls.

mb wellington studio |

Product: Lightblocks

Scratch resistant with a soothing glow when illuminated, Lightblocks is a 100 percent-recyclable translucent plastic stronger than glass. Customizable for many interior or exterior architectural uses, including lighting fixtures, furniture, doors, ceilings, walls, flooring, or sculptures, the panels can be made in any transparency and any thickness. Lightblocks can also be custom textured or carved with graphic lettering.

transformit |

Product: Tension Fabric

Transformit's collection of tension fabric products offer sophisticated walls and screens that can be used to create and define space on a permanent or temporary basis. Freestanding and hanging options are available, incorporating lightweight aluminum frame construction and skins that come in a variety of fabrics, colors, and patterns. The fabrics are available in different weights from 1 ounce per square yard to 8 ounces per square yard, and widths from almost 4 1/2 feet to 16 feet. Front and rear projection and backlighting are available with specialty fabrics.

ceelite |

Product: 7501 Panel

Enabling 99 percent uniform backlighting, the CeeLite 7501 panel is paper-thin, lightweight, and flexible. Panels can be used indoors or out, on floors, walls, and surfaces, and around columns and pillars. Available in sizes up to 3 feet by 6 feet, the panel is illuminated by Osram Sylvania's light-emitting phosphors sandwiched between a series of electrodes. An advanced inverter enables users to alter the brightness. Packaging options on multiple substrates (film, glass, and plastic injection molding) are also available.

alanod |

Product: Miro Micro Matt

Appropriate for lighting systems that require a standard white look, the Miro Micro Matt is a reflective aluminum product that controls light direction and produces up to 20 percent more illumination than a light fixture with a white-paint reflector.

solatube |

Product: Zero-to-90 Degree Extension Tube

The Zero-to-90 Degree extension tube for the Solatube skylight allows for installation in almost any location without compromising lighting efficiency. Made of three built-in 30-degree-angle adapters, the tubing is able to bypass attic obstructions, jog across rafters, or hide installation on an opposite roofline.

ge-plastics |

Product: Lexan Thermoclear

Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheet

This pre-assembled roofing system employs Lexan Thermoclear multiwall polycarbonate sheeting filled with Nanogel translucent aerogel from Cabot Corporation. In addition to its UV resistance, the product provides sound insulation, as well as the ability to withstand wind loads of up to 140 miles per hour.

ppg industries |

Product: Vistacool Azuria

A color-enriched architectural glass that imparts a luminous aqua-blue appearance, Vistacool Azuria is subtly reflective, while transmitting high levels of daylight. The aqua-blue sheen is a direct result of the Vistacool coating that amplifies and enriches the tint of the glass substrate underneath. The soft reflectivity of the glass makes it optimal for harmonizing vision glass with non-vision spandrel glass.

Products Downlights

prescolite |

Product: Architektur A4

The A4 series of 4-inch aperture adjustable accent downlights provides specifiers with a fully aimable luminaire, featuring 0- to 45-degree vertical and 362-degree horizontal ad-justment, hot aiming, center-beam optics, and no visible hardware from below the ceiling. The fixture includes multiple lamp options ranging from MR16 to incandescent, low- and line-voltage, and trim choices in a variety of finishes.

usa illumination |

Product: Bevel

A low-voltage MR16 square downlight with beveled edges, this luminaire features sloping 1-inch regress peaks with white frosted glass to produce a subtle, evenly illuminated ceiling plane. Its die-formed galvanized-steel housing accepts either low-voltage, compact fluorescent, or metal halide lamps, with trim finishes of brushed aluminum, white, black, or metalized grey. Visible interior dimensions of the fixture are 8 3/16 inches square, while the overall housing dimension is 11 15/16 inches by 11 1/2 inches.

kramer lighting |

Product: Square and Rectangular Series

This series of recessed luminaires offers photometric efficiencies, reduced housing size, and a diverse selection of cone finishes and textures. Available with compact fluorescent, HID, and incandescent sources, optical configurations include lensed and non-lensed downlight, wallwash, cross baffle, and adjustables. Aperture sizes of 4, 6, and 8 inches are offered for square luminaires, while rectangular fixtures come in two sizes: 4 inches by 8 inches, and 6 inches by 12 inches.

renaissance lighting |

Product: Evo

Providing LED-generated light for ambient and tasklighting applications, the recessed Evo luminaire uses proprietary optics to blend its light output, creating a highly uniform light. Over 16 million color combinations can be achieved, including a range of white color temperatures. The power supply and LED driver card are integrated into the fixture's aluminum housing, which calls for a ceiling cut-out of 7 1/2 inches.

beta-calco |

Product: Decore III

The Decore III recessed downlight is constructed of a galvanized-steel housing and an etched glass or suspended spun metal ring, which creates a soft halo of light on the ceiling. Providing elegance to architectural interiors, the fixture can be used with compact fluorescent, HID, and halogen lamps.

pure lighting |

Product: Aurora

The Aurora Accent Round Pure Edge 3.3 RGB recessed fixture features a hemispherical, spun aluminum dome interior that is illuminated by LEDs, while white light is projected down. With its trimless edge, the aperture completely disappears. LED technology offers color-changing capabilities. The fixture takes one 75W MR16 lamp and 18 LEDs. The recessed housing measures just under 6 inches high by 10 1/2 inches wide by 13 inches long.

bartco lighting |

Product: XLS290

Based on 11 1/2-inch modules, this fixture is appropriate for display-case applications. Incorporating six or eight high-output LEDs, each module integrates a dedicated 9W driver that produces 35 lumens per watt, while minimizing heat generation and prolonging lamp life. Quick-connects allow up to 12 modules to be joined together and mounted inside a 1 3/8-inch diameter aluminum extrusion. A clear acrylic lens redirects light from the LEDs to maximize distribution. Fixture housings are offered in a variety of anodized and powder-coat finishes.

sirius lighting |

Product: Sirius MSP555716

This high-output LED fixture uses Lumileds' Luxeon product and has a diameter of only 1 inch. With a long LED life of 50,000 hours (depending on the surrounding temperatures), this fixture produces no UV or IR radiation. The luminaire is offered in several color temperatures and is available in polished chrome, polished gold, matte gold, and platinum finishes.

infinilux |

Product: ISL

Designed to replace fluorescent and halogen lighting systems in undercabinet, accent, task, and decorative lighting applications, the ISL striplighting family of products is made up of low-voltage, self-adhesive, and self-contained luminaires that provide 70 lumens per linear foot of cool (6500K) or warm (3500K) white light output. Additionally, each 21-inch LED strip can be easily trimmed along 3-inch increments to allow for do-it-yourself installations and custom fittings.

cree |

Product: Xlamp 7090

The Xlamp 7090 features surface-mount technology, a reflow solderable design for ease of use, and an integrated lens with a small footprint of 7 by 9 millimeters. It is available in a variety of colors including white, royal blue, blue, cyan, green, amber, red-orange, and red.

traxon |

Product: LED Wallwasher

Rated for outdoor use and mountable on walls and ceilings, this LED wallwasher swathes surfaces in an array of colors. To achieve optimal light output, the base of the fixture allows for a full 180-degree-angled beam and a full 360-degree horizontal rotation. DMX control capabilities can create specific sequences and arrangements.

albeo technologies |

Product: Repleo

Designed as an alternative to fluorescent lighting in environments that require minimum maintenance and maximum durability, the Repleo white-LED luminaire features a trio of adjustable lighting elements that do not use glass or filaments. The fixture is available in lengths of 3 feet and 4 feet, with color temperatures of 4000K, 5000K, and 5500K.

io lighting |

Product: Raye

Used for interior cove and perimeter wall-slot applications, Raye's optical assembly is designed to illuminate cove surfaces uniformly, while offering a precise asymmetric beam projection. Ideal for applications where spatial conditions are limited but functional light is required, the fixture can deliver light at low angles in shallow conditions. Additionally, individual units may be placed end to end without socket shadows.

Products Task

electri-cable assemblies |

Product: Dyna-Lite

Suitable for work-surface lighting, and available in lengths from 21 1/2 inches to 57 1/2 inches, the Dyna-Lite features a slim-profile and sleek aesthetic. Supplied with energy-efficient 4100K T8 lamps and a thermally protected Class-P ballast, even light dispersion is created with the use of a clear, prismatic lens and internal white reflector.

planlicht |

Product: Pureplus

Pureplus is a swivel spotlight that can be used alone or in groups for multiple interior design solutions. The luminaire system includes a variety of extruded anodized-aluminum profiles and a complete fixture, comprised of the casing, swivel joint, polished reflectors, base, and endcaps.

zumtobel |

Product: Heliodisc

Offered as a ceiling fixture or as a free-standing luminaire, the Heliodisc's distinctive appearance comes from a flat head resembling a disc, and a curving bracket. The diameter of the head is just under 21 1/2 inches and can house four different light sources-compact fluorescent, T16 circular, LED, and metal halide. With the transparent luminaire housing, diffused light is radiated upward while direct light is thrown downward.

steng light |

Product: Optimal-Kane 230

Constructed from aluminum, the Optimal pendant offers a sleek, minimal profile, only 3 1/2 inches in length. All of the luminaire's interchangeable reflectors provide uniform light distribution. Lamped with a high-voltage G9 halogen source, the fixture is equipped with an easy-to-use adjustor and a 79-inch coaxial cable. Custom lengths are available.

jesco lighting group |

Product: Sleek Plus Adjustable

Providing user-adjustable display and accent lighting, the Sleek Plus Adjustable is designed for use in merchandise display cases requiring a low-profile solution and minimum heat emission. The compact, easy-to-install linkable housing allows the reflector to rotate 360 degrees. Finished with anodized silver or white enamel paint, and specified in lengths from 9 inches to 5 feet, up to 10 units may be joined end-to-end and are mountable horizontally or vertically. Each fixture is 3/4 inches wide by 1 1/2 inches deep.

alkco |

Product: Little Inch Xtra

Little Inch Xtra is a versatile, undercabinet linear tasklighting option for a variety of commercial, institutional, and residential applications. Its sleek, smooth, rectangular housing is made of heavy-duty extruded aluminum and maintains a minimal profile. Smooth die-cast endcaps facilitate end-to-end connections, and reflected glare is virtually eliminated with a textured lens that softens emitted light. Four finishes are available-white polyester-resin powder-coated paint (standard), aluminum, black, and bronze. Lamp choices include LED, low-voltage halogen, low-voltage xenon, and fluorescent.

lightlight by buschfeld |

Product: ART

This wall-mounted luminaire offers a wide-angle uniform illumination for artwork formatted up to 60 inches square. To accommodate museum lighting requirements, the sleek and minimal fixture can be adjusted for precise cut-off. For optimum results, a distance from the luminaire to the wall of approximately 21 3/4 inches should be maintained.

estiluz |

Product: Tovier

The Tovier table lamp, finished in nickel, is a compact and attractive solution for tasklighting. The lamp is constructed of a single-formed frame and a square glass shade, giving the impression that the glass is floating. Measuring 13 5/8 inches high and 4 3/4 inches wide, the fixture uses a single 100W incandescent lamp.

luxo |

Product: Patientlite

Meeting three lighting conditions for patient rooms-general, practitioner, and night lighting-the Patientlite offers a modern design that virtually eliminates dust-traps. Two quick-connect systems are available, including terminal block or plug-in, for easy installation. The fixture has an extruded aluminum housing with a polycarbonate cover, and is offered with a powder-coat finish.

specialty lighting |

Product: Apparel Light

Apparel Light is appropriate for closets, wardrobes, and retail displays that require unobstructed, economical linear illumination directly on or around garments. The fixture also serves as a closet rod capable of supporting up to 100 pounds of evenly distributed weight, and includes a remotely mounted electronic ballast to insure reliable, instant-on lighting, while maintaining an uncluttered presence. The fixture, available in 2- or 3-foot lengths, is offered in a choice of satin aluminum or satin gold finishes. Its clear prismatic acrylic lens snaps easily into place for quick and simple relamping.

xenon architectural lighting |

Product: Retro Mini

With a single-lamp housing that measures 7 1/16 inches deep by

5 9/16 inches square, the Retro Mini is suitable for ceilings with a thickness from 3/8 inches to 9/16 inches. The gimbal, which requires no tools for installation because of its snap-in ball-catch system, is made of aluminum, can rotate fully through 360 degrees, and is tiltable up to 45 degrees. Lamping options include one 65W MR16 or two 50W MR16s.

Products Track

lighting services inc |

Product: LumeLEX

The LumeLEX combines breakthroughs in thermal design, optics, and feedback to provide precise color-temperature control and dimming. The compact and sleek track design is ideal for interior spaces where quality white light is critical, such as high-end retail, museum, and gallery applications. The self-locking, adjustable units are available in five standard finishes-black, white, silver, graphite, and platinum.

etc |

Product: Source Four 14 degrees, 70 degrees, and 90 degrees

With the functionality, ruggedness, and optical power of the Source Four brand, the new 14-, 70-, and 90-degree field-angle spotlights offer added flexibility for lighting designers and technicians. The 14-degree spotlight works for 40- to 60-foot distances, while the 70- and 90-degree units are optimal for ultra-short-throw challenges, such as restricted trim heights, scenic washes, and pattern projections from close distances. The standard finish is black, but white, silver, and custom colors are also available.

times square lighting |

Product: A39T6H

Appropriate for commercial and retail wallwash applications, A39T6H units utilize a high-performance, long-lasting, 39W T6 metal halide lamp with a textured reflector. Available in 120V and 277V, the luminaire features a hinged front for easy relamping and tool-free accessory changes. Measuring 5 3/8 inches wide by 4 1/4 inches deep by 8 3/4 inches high, the fixture is offered in standard black, white, and silver finishes, with custom colors available upon request.

tech lighting |

Product: Two-Circuit T-trak

The Two-Circuit T-trak is a line-voltage system with an extremely small profile-under 1 inch. Each circuit has its own dedicated neutral for two separately switchable 20-amp circuits. Available in lengths of 48 inches or 96 inches, the system bends horizontally by hand to a radius as small as 36 inches, can be field cut, and is offered in satin nickel and white finishes.

translite sonoma |

Product: Almande Shades

Offering various shapes, sizes, colors, and fabrics, the Almande shades merge the minimal lines of modern tracklighting with the warmth, tone, and texture of classical designs. The shades, cut from silk and sheer fabric materials, easily connect to a track or monopoint system, and can be easily removed for tool-free lamp replacement.

lightlight by buschfeld |

Product: Star and Crown

The Star and Crown lighting systems feature decorative chandelier elements with a shiny chrome finish and exposed low-voltage halogen lamps. The Star system hangs vertically and can be used with ceiling-mounted track, whereas the Crown system is oriented horizontally and is not suitable for ceiling-mounted track. Both systems can be rotated 360 degrees.

w2 architectural lighting |

Product: Flexrail2

Flexrail2 is a two-circuit, line-voltage bendable rail system for use in commercial applications where a multitude of fixtures and a high volume of light are required. The system offers a contemporary aesthetic, accepts a wide variety of fixtures that can be placed anywhere on the rail, is offered in platinum and bronze finishes, and can be custom configured.

nora lighting |

Product: Nepro Wall Wash

The Nepro Wall Wash fixture uses a 300W R7S halogen lamp for even illumination. Suitable for wallwashing or covering wide areas with ambient light, the line-voltage fixture has full rotation for ease of aiming and is available in a silver or bronze finish.

Products Outdoor

forms + surfaces |

Product: Knight

Constructed of rust-proof aluminum, the Knight bollard and pedestrian lighting fixtures feature a geometric design with a head casting that positions the compact fluorescent or HID light source above the four quadrants for a symmetrical lighting pattern. One or more of the four frosted glass lenses may be replaced with opaque shields to create asymmetrical lighting. The standard height of the 8-inch-square bollard is 43 inches; however, custom heights down to 33 inches are available. At a standard height of 128 inches, the pedestrian lighting fixture measures 6 inches square with rounded corners; custom heights are available. Three durable powder-coat finishes include black, slate, and silver.

kalco lighting |

Product: Louver

Offering a contemporary twist on traditional outdoor fixtures, the Louver collection features cylindrical glass encased in thin rectangular tubing, and includes a wall bracket (shown), a hanging lantern, and a post-mount fixture. The luminaires take one 100W medium-base lamp and housing dimensions measure 12 1/2 inches wide by 18 3/4 inches high by 15 1/4 inches long. The fixture is available in an iron finish.

bega |

Product: Wall Luminaire

This wall-mounted luminaire with cutoff optics is appropriate for security and building egress illumination, and for direct or indirect lighting in both interior or damp location applications. The fixture meets LEED cutoff criteria for lighting zones LZ2, LZ3, and LZ4, with lamping options that include fluorescent, metal halide, incandescent, and LEDs. Five standard colors are offered, including black, white, bronze, silver, and Eurocoat.

boyd lighting |

Product: Lantern

Suitable for use in areas that require a UL-listing for wet locations, such as patios, walkways, or colonnades, the Lantern series is offered with an incandescent source, or with compact fluorescent and a cold-weather ballast. Constructed from 1/4-inch-thick solid copper or aluminum with an etched-glass diffuser, the fixtures are available in antiqued copper, satin nickel, satin copper, and painted aluminum finishes, with three different fin styles (the Futura is shown). Diameters vary, but each measures 14 inches high.

valmont industries |

Product: Xtreme

The Xtreme series of new bases for traffic and light poles is resistant to cracking, salt spray, chemical decay, rotting, and pitting. The series is made of a high-strength polyurethane and consists of two standard models, the Washington and the Huntington. Both feature a clam-shell design and are scalable to match any size pedestrian street and traffic poles. The series will also be available as a retrofit to existing poles.

beta lighting |

Product: Aviator

The large Aviator, part of the Aviator series of architectural area luminaires, is available with Type III, Type IV, and Type V optics, which meet IESNA full-cutoff classifications. The fixture's die-cast aluminum housing measures 25 inches wide by approximately 14 1/2 inches deep, and can accommodate 250W to 1000W metal halide, pulse-start metal halide, and high-pressure sodium lamps. Options include a side-arm mount for a square or round pole, or a round-tube center-direct post-top mount, with finishes in standard or platinum bronze, black, white, or silver.

eleek |

Product: Gatsby

Featuring Art Deco instincts, the Gatsby sconce measures 34 inches high by 27 inches wide with a diameter of 34 inches. The Gatsby is available in a standard tumbled aluminum finish, clear or colored powder coats, and optional patinas. The fixture is made of 100 percent-recycled cast aluminum and ivory polycarbonate. It takes a fluorescent, and operates on a voltage of 120V to 277V.

holophane |

Product: GranVille Mini

The GranVille Mini is offered in two distinct housings. The Leaf housing (shown) features a raised oak leaf pattern, while the Simple style is less ornate. Multiple mounting and pole options are available for this fixture, which is offered with incandescent or compact fluorescent lamping between 120V and 347V. The decorative band and finial are optional, and both asymmetric and symmetric optics are available. The Leaf housing is approximately 25 inches tall, while Simple measures approximately 22 inches tall. Both styles have an overall width of 9 3/4 inches.

meyda tiffany |

Product: Handkerchief Art Glass

This new line of landscape luminaires features colorful shapes and styles with 9-inch-diameter shades. Handcrafted in the United States, each pendant has an overall height of 25 inches, but can be customized. Lamping options include 20W bi-pin low-wattage halogen and line-voltage incandescent. Eight color options are available, while metal finish options include vintage copper, verdesgris, and craftsman brown.

wybron |

Product: Nexera LX

The Nexera LX compact zoom profile luminaire uses a built-in CMY dichroic color-mixing system to produce a virtually unlimited color palette. For superior light output and beam uniformity, the fixture utilizes a high-output, compact tungsten 575W source to produce hard-edge illumination in an adjustable field, from 19 degrees to 26 degrees with a dual lens system. Ideal for applications where colors need to be adjusted quickly, another benefit is the luminaire's minimal noise, owing to its convection cooling.

Products Outdoor

schréder |

Product: Thylia

Thylia urban street lighting has a range of configurations, finishes, and heights (up to 26 feet). One, two, and four poles can be mounted on a base. Four types of bases-two in cast iron and two in steel-and a steel wall bracket are available. The luminaire is equipped with a micro-reflector, allowing for a small head (5 inches high). The fixture has been specifically developed for metal halide lamps with a ceramic arc tube.

visa lighting |

Product: Visage Outdoor

Mountable to the ceiling or wall in both horizontal and vertical orientations, the ADA-compliant Visage outdoor luminaire features an extruded aluminum frame. Components of the 6 1/8-inch-wide fixture include a 1-inch door frame that attaches to a 3 1/4-inch recessed housing. Heights vary from 25 1/2 inches to 61 inches. Standard T5 fluorescent lamping is used, with T8 and T5HO fluorescent options available. Finishes are thermoset acrylic powder coat.

erco |

Product: Grasshopper

With its multi-layer powder-coated aluminum housing, lockable hinge joint, and versatile mounting possibilities, the Grasshopper low-power-rating outdoor spotlights provide flexible accent lighting solutions. Various reflectors and lamp options are available, including metal halide and high-performance LEDs. The mounting plate is rotatable through 360 degrees and the fixture measures 9 1/4 inches tall by 9 11/16 inches wide. The Grasshopper is suitable for wet locations, and is dust-proof and water-jet-proof.