Courtesy Philips

ArenaVision LED, Philips
This floodlight, created with super-slow-motion HDTV broadcasting in mind, features an S3 optic and provides flicker-free illumination for indoor and outdoor venues. The IP66-rated fixture head uses a bracket mounting and can be aimed in 5-degree intervals via a locking mechanism on the side of the housing. It is capable of meeting various sports federations’ approved lighting requirements as well as offering options for entertainment applications through the luminaire’s control system. The BVP420 model (shown) is available in 5700K with a CRI of 85-plus and outputs 66 lumens per watt.

Courtesy Spec Grade LED

Spec Pro SportsLighter Series, Spec Grade LED
This LED luminaire family is geared toward replacing high wattage—2,000W to 5,000W—metal halide (MH) fixtures while maintaining beam uniformity. The 800W and 1,000W models (shown), replace 2,000W and 2,500W MH luminaires, respectively. All of the SportsLighter series use Lumileds’ Luxeon T LEDs and a double-folded-fin aluminum heat sink. Available in 4000K and 5000K with a CRI of 74, the fixture housing is composed of die-cast aluminum and is IP65-rated; the light engine is IP66-rated. Zero-to-10V dimmable with glare shield options, and available in powdercoat white, black, and gray finishes.

Courtesy Hubbell Lighting

Arena LED Series, Hubbell Lighting
Designed specifically for indoor sports facilities, this LED luminaire is intended to replace 1,000W MH fixtures while delivering up to 46,000 lumens. Available in 4000K and 5000K at a CRI of 70, the 408W fixture can be mounted on a standard or catwalk yoke at a 45-degree angle. The Arena LED’s gasketed design resists dust and moisture, while a remote driver enclosure allows for increased thermal control.

Courtesy Qualite

Q-LED System GameChanger Series, Qualite
Designed for HDTV broadcasting, digital photography, and slow-motion recording, this pre-aimed, pre-wired light-rack luminaire system makes it easier to record fast-moving sports while eliminating the need for supplemental lighting. GameChanger comes in a 500W and a 1,000W model with a lumen output of 58,000 and 115,000, respectively. It is available in two lengths—25" and 49"—both of which use 5600K LEDs with a CRI of 70-plus. Glare control is achieved with a TIR optic to prevent light spill. IP66-rated.

Courtesy LSI

LED Courtblade (XARL), LSI
The pole-mounted Courtblade comes in 4000K neutral white and 5000K cool white at up to 105 lumens per watt. It is zero-to-10V dimmable, IP65-rated, and can withstand temperatures as low as minus 40 C and as high as 122 C. The fixture head measures 46.3125" long by 25" wide and features a high-performance, multifaceted reflector that provides uniform forward-throw light distribution via a clear- tempered optical-grade flat glass lens, which is sealed in a weathertight aluminum frame. The die-formed aluminum housing comes in seven finishes, including black, bronze, and graphite.

Courtesy Eaton

Ephesus All Field Series, Eaton
The first LED luminaire designed to retrofit into existing outdoor sports lighting infrastructure, according to the manufacturer, this high-powered luminaire is available in two models, a 550W version and 750W version with lumen outputs of 61,000 and 83,000, respectively.IP66-rated and NEMA 4X rated, it is offered with wired and wireless controls with Bluetooth monitoring. It runs on an input voltage of 240V AC to 480V AC. The 45-pound fixture measures 15" tall by 15.4" wide and has a versatile mounting bracket for new or retrofit installations.