Acclaim Lighting

Dyna Drum HO and HO QW, Acclaim Lighting
With an adjustable yoke, an onboard digital display, and a 100V-to-277V AC internal power supply, these IP66-rated luminaires are fit for façade lighting and large-scale floodlighting. The Dyna Drum HO is offered in RGBW and single-color versions in 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, and 5500K, with a lumen range from 9,000 to 17,232. The Dyna Drum HO QW flood is offered with 26 10W high-power, quad-color RGB LEDs and a 6000K white.

Acolyte Industries

BFL Exterior, Acolyte Industries
This fixture, designed for façade illumination, comes in a 72-LED 180W model and a 108-LED 250W model. LED options include RGB, RGBW, 3000K, 4100K, 6000K, red, amber, green, and blue along with a range of beam angles. The 72-LED white option delivers 7,901 lumens and the 108-LED white option delivers 16,111 lumens. IP65-rated with an aluminum-alloy housing, and a tempered glass diffuser. An integrated 700mA constant-current driver allows for daisy chaining.

Acuity Brands/American Electric Lighting

American Revolution LED Series 247CL, Acuity Brands/American Electric Lighting 
The classic design of this pole-top luminaire suits it for residential areas, city streetscapes, and green spaces. Available in six lumen packages, downward-directed LEDs deliver more lumens than a typical 100W high-pressure sodium fixture, the company says, while consuming up to 73W. It comes in 10 and 20 full-cutoff LED modules in 3000K, 4000K, and 5000K.

Bruck Lighting/Ledra Brands

Ledra Step, Bruck Lighting/Ledra Brands
This 2W LED steplight is available in 3000K and amber and accepts 120V to 240V AC. The IP65-rated fixture measures 43/4" by 3", fitting standard J-boxes in vertical and horizontal orientations. Finished in brushed nickel, antique bronze, and white colors. Faceplate options include white opal, vertical/horizontal louver, and vertical/horizontal louver scoop, while the outer trim plate can be changed for a dual-color design.

Eaton’s Cooper Lighting/Lumark

Night Falcon, Eaton’s Cooper Lighting/Lumark
Available in packages of 9,400 and 14,600 lumens, this floodlight is suited for illuminating building façades, signs, and exterior vertical displays. It is offered in 4000K, as well as 3000K and 5700K, all with a minimum CRI of 70. UL wet-location listed and IP66-rated, the fixture has a weather-resistant finish and comes with two mounting options.

Eaton’s Cooper Lighting/Streetworks

Verdeon LED Roadway Luminaire, Eaton’s Cooper Lighting/Streetworks
With a range of lumen packages, this luminaire is designed to replace up to 150W high-pressure sodium fixtures in most roadway applications. Available in 3000K, 4000K, or 5700K with a CRI of 70. The fixture is UL wet-location listed, 3G vibration rated, and has an optional IP66-rated enclosure. Coated to withstand extreme weather in a range of colors. Tool-free access and a removable power door simplify maintenance.


Gecko, Erco 
Measuring 9-7/8" from base to top, this compact luminaire offers six light distributions for use illuminating façades, entryways, monuments, and within parks. High-powered 8W to 18W LEDs provide 3000K or 4000K. A slightly conical head rotates 360 degrees and tilts 130 degrees for precise positioning. The fixture is IP65-rated and features a non-reflective safety glass lens.


Rincon Pedestrian Lighting, Forms+Surfaces
A contemporary profile and stainless steel construction make this streamlined luminaire an option for lining walkways and other pedestrian-centric spaces. The 4.5"-square column rises to 117" over a 7.5"-square base plate and escutcheon, with a white-frosted acrylic lens topped with a stainless steel cap. Its 30W LEDs offer 3000K and 4000K. The driver is IP66-certified for waterproofing and Class 2–rated for output.

GE Lighting

Evolve EASB Area Light, GE Lighting
The latest addition to GE Lighting’s Evolve LED area lighting series features optics designed for high-output exterior applications such as auto dealerships, reducing offsite visibility while diminishing onsite glare. The fixture offers 4000K and 5700K at a CRI of 70. IP65-rated, the luminaire can be fitted with a motion sensor to help comply with California’s Title 24.


Linea S, HessAmerica
Emitting zero uplight at or above 90 degrees horizontal, this compact bollard is ideal for upscale residential and commercial areas, as well as applications concerned with light pollution. It comes in 24", 30", and 36" heights, with single or twin heads. Its LEDs deliver 3000K and 4000K with a CRI of 80-plus, while consuming 23W. The driver accepts 120V to 277V and offers optional dimming via zero-to-10V functionality.

Hubbell Lighting/Architectural Area Lighting

Kick, Hubbell Lighting/Architectural Area Lighting
With an angular design that mitigates uplight, backlight, and glare, the LED Kick is suitable for walkways and building entrances. Delivering up to 12,880 lumens, it is offered in 3000K and 4200K, both with a CRI of 80-plus, and 5100K with a CRI of 70-plus. In 4" and 5" widths, with three optical distributions and three mounting options: integral pole, tenon mount, and side mount. Features integral surge and thermal protection and zero-to-10V dimming.

Hubbell Lighting/Kim Lighting

ArcheType X Wall, Hubbell Lighting/Kim Lighting
The LED emitters in this outdoor wall luminaire can be adjusted in either the factory or in the field to 355 degrees horizontally and 70 degrees vertically. Available lumen packages range from 10,500 to 30,000 in 2000K, 3000K, 4200K, or 5100K. Each of the three models offered hosts six LEDs and features rotating and tilting capability for uplighting and downlighting.

Hubbell Lighting/Spaulding Lighting

Arceos Series Floodlight, Hubbell Lighting/Spaulding Lighting
The company has added two lumen packages to its Arceos line of high-performance architectural floodlights, offering up to either 9,535 lumens or 19,368 lumens in 3000K, 4200K, or 5100K with a CRI of 80, 70, and 67, respectively. A vented housing isolates the LED module from the driver. The fixture is IP65- and IP66-rated and features a die-cast aluminum housing with seven finish options.

Insight Lighting

5-Spot, Insight Lighting
Measuring 5" in diameter with optical beam distributions of 7, 15, 30, 45, and 100 degrees, this floodlight is suitable for accent lighting applications such as architectural niches, columns, and landscaping. It consumes 19.8W to deliver up to 807 lumens and is available in 2700K, 3500K, and 4000K and static red, green, blue, amber, and RGB and RBGW color-changing options. The luminaire offers peak candlepower of more than 42,000 candela. Its head rotates for additional control.

Landscape Forms

Signal, Landscape Forms
Part of the company’s 35 Collection of outdoor fixtures, this cast aluminum luminaire comes in streetscape and pedestrian versions. Each holds multiple tripod arrays of LEDs covered by separate lenses to aid in replacement and repair. Available in 3000K, 3500K, and 4000K. In 12' and 16' pole heights for the pedestrian model and 20' and 25' pole heights for the streetscape model, both versions are available with one or two fixture heads.


LED Bullet Flood Lights, MaxLite
For illuminating landscapes, façades, and outdoor signage, this floodlight can replace up to 150W metal halide and 75W quartz halogen fixtures. It is available in 3000K and 5000K, both with NEMA 5x5 field distributions. The fixtures mount directly to electrical boxes and posts and feature a locking swivel arm. Die-cast aluminum housing and tempered, shatter-resistant glass provide durability. Sealed to resist dirt, bugs, and moisture.

Modern Forms

Balthus LED Outdoor Luminaire, Modern Forms
Available in 13-1/4" and 16-1/2" models, this LED sconce provides up to 481 lumens in 3000K with a CRI of 90. It has an oil-rubbed bronze finish and a mouth-blown, hammered clear glass diffuser. California Title 24–compliant and UL wet-location listed, the fixture dims with an electronic low-voltage dimmer.

Osram Sylvania

Lightify LED GardenSpot Mini RGB, Osram Sylvania 
This accent lighting system includes a 14'-long starter kit with nine fixtures and a 4-1/2'-long expansion kit with three fixtures. The system syncs wirelessly with existing Wi-Fi networks, allowing for wireless adjustment of functions such as light color via a free companion app. The starter kit consumes 35W and the expansion pack uses 7W. Maximum 28' length per power supply.

Performance In Lighting

Mimik 20 Flat, Performance In Lighting 
At 1.65" deep, this wall-mounted fixture offers discreet direct, indirect, or direct/indirect illumination. Available in 3000K and 4000K, with integral zero-to-10V dimming. IP65-rated and UL wet-located listed, it has a copper-free die-cast aluminum housing and faceplate, stainless steel fasteners, and a micro-prismatic tempered glass diffuser. Iron gray, steel gray, and textured white finishes are offered. Façade materials and finishes can be applied to the luminaire’s front.


MiniView Roadway, Philips
This roadway lighting system delivers lumen packages of 2,700 to 5,500 to replace 70W to 100W high-intensity discharge fixtures. Designed to produce zero uplight, it is also fitted with side shields that limit light spill. The dimmable fixture’s optics allow for wider pole spacing than is typical in the category, the company says.

Philips Color Kinetics

Vaya Flood HP, Philips Color Kinetics
This 13.9"-square LED floodlight is suited for façades, bridges, monuments, and other exterior accent lighting applications. An RGB model delivers 3,500 lumens when all colors are on full and consumes 105W. A 3000K and 4000K version delivers 9,700 lumens and consumes 100W. Both models feature an integrated tilting surface-mount base, standard beam angles of 10 degrees and 20 degrees, and an IP66 rating.

U.S. Architectural Lighting

Razar, U.S. Architectural Lighting 
For illuminating roadways and expansive public areas, Razar offers module configurations of 24, 40, 48, and 80 LEDs at 39W to 260W and with lumen packages from 4,082 to 24,444 lumens. The LED modules are field-rotatable in 90-degree increments. Single to quad-head mounting helps maximize site coverage. The roadway and area fixture is offered in two sizes: one that is 14.75" wide by 28.25" long by 2.75" deep, and another that is 11.5" wide by 22" long by 2.5" deep.

WAC Lighting

Endurance Fin Exterior LED Luminaire, WAC Lighting
This wall-mounted fixture delivers up to 2,825 lumens while consuming a maximum of 35W. Available in 3000K and 5000K, it provides 20-degree forward illumination and features a tempered prismatic glass diffuser to reduce glare. It is IP66-rated, and operates on 120V to 277V. Dimmable via zero-to-10V or electronic-low-voltage functionality. Bronze, graphite, and white finishes are available. A built-in level aids adjustments.

We-ef Lighting

CFT500, We-ef Lighting 
This post-top luminaire features a ring-shaped form factor to match a range of design styles for lighting outdoor spaces such as footpaths, parking areas, and parks. It delivers 4,536 nominal lumens but can achieve up to 8,294 lumens with 72W and 700mA forward current. It is available in 3000K and 4000K and offers symmetrical light distribution.

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