Lumiblade OLED GL350 Panels, Philips

This concept chandelier, part of the LivingSculpture Kinetic OLED installations that were on display at this year's Light+Building, was designed by Philips Lighting vice president and chief design officer Rogier van der Heide and his design team, working in collaboration with design group WhiteVoid and using Philips's new Lumiblade OLED GL350 panels. Twenty-two panels were used for this helix-shaped chandelier fixture, the intent of which was to show how OLED technology can be used for decorative and general illumination. Each OLED GL350 panel has an output of 115 lumens and measures 24 square inches (155 cm2). The GL350 panels are sold in sets of three. According to the manufacturer, the GL350 is approximately three times larger than any existing OLED panels on the market.