A special edition of the first luminaire they designed together, Marc Sadler and Foscarini have collaborated on a new version of the Mite floor lamp. The new Mite Special Fusion combines Kevlar and carbon fiber with fiberglass for a slender fixture outline and luminous body. Like the 10-year-old original, the new floor lamp uses a single 150W halogen dimmer bulb and stands approximately 6 feet tall with an 8¼-inch round, chrome metal base. Mite Special Fusion is available in yellow and black.


Aura is the latest addition to the company's Cradle-to-Cradle Silver certified Inde-Pendant line of luminaires that are well-suited for lobby, library, and cafeteria applications. The fixture is designed with a steel rim and a white acrylic lens, which diffuses noticeable lamp images. Available in three sizes—small (31¾ inches), medium (37½ inches), and large (49½ inches)—Aura's signature element is its ease of relamping. To replace the T8 U-shaped lamp, a mechanical system allows the bottom cover to remain attached to the fixture while the lamp chamber is accessed. The cover then snaps back into place once relamping is complete.


The new VirtualSource55 6-inch and 8-inch vertical and horizontal compact fluorescent down-lights feature a 55-degree-angle cutoff. The fixture meets ASHRAE requirements aimed to limit a building's total power consumption, with the 8-inch vertical reflector offering 88 percent efficiency. The 55-degree cutoff also provides visual comfort and a reduction in the direct glare that can result from high luminance reflections or an insufficiently shielded light source.


These undercabinet light bars are designed for task lighting and provide uniform light across a shelf or counter space. Boasting up to 50,000 hours of luminance, according to the manufacturer, the fixture uses 10 1W 3000K LEDs and an integral LED driver. Available in five sizes, from the two-light 6-inch-long model to the 10-light 30-inch-long model, all versions can be front-, center-, or rear-mounted using a back plate and hang hook. Finishes include bronze, satin nickel, and white.


The newest addition to Zumtobel's Waveguide series is the Vaetros indirect light solution. The adjustable luminaire sandwiches a diffuser layer outfitted with the company's proprietary Micro-pyramidal Optic and base to control glare at critical visual angles. Vaetros is available in 4- and 5-foot lengths, in structured and homogeneous styles, and with T5 or T5HO lamps. Multiple Vaetros fixures can be linked together via a continuous run joiner.


The IceTray fixture from Peerless is inspired by the retro-style baffles of classroom environments. Available with three different baffle configurations—rectangular, angular, and curved—the school- and office-applicable luminaires are available in direct, indirect/direct, and perimeter lighting options. The indirect/direct style offers seven different distribution options, from 80/20 to 5/95, as well as three lamp choices with one to four lamps per cross section. The direct luminaire provides light levels also suited for retail and circulation spaces. The fixture can be supsended, surface-mounted, or wall-mounted, and a choice of either a perforated side-shield or opal diffuser creates two distinct looks.