Aura Light

Large Range PIR LT30, Aura Light
The ability to handle temperatures as low as -30 C makes this sensor suitable for use in cold-storage areas and outdoor spaces. It can be installed in applications with ceiling heights of up to 50', and it offers detection ranges of 90, 180, 270, and 360 degrees. It is IP65 rated with a housing that is designed to protect against humidity and frost. The sensor is available in on/off as well as in 1V-to-10V and DALI dimming options.

B.E.G. Controls

Mini Sensors, B.E.G. Controls
These ceiling-mount sensors cover a floor area of 32' when mounted on an 8'-tall ceiling and offer passive infrared detection. They can be used indoors and outdoors and are programmable for occupancy and vacancy modes with remote adjustment via companion Android or iOS apps. Each sensor includes a photocell and the option to extend its coverage range with four additional sensors.

Douglas Lighting Controls

Bluetooth Fixture Controller and Sensor, Douglas Lighting Controls
For use with new and existing vapor-tight linear fixtures, this fixture-mounted sensor uses closed-loop control dimming to balance daylight in parking garage applications. It includes integrated 360-degree, passive-infrared occupancy sensing, daylight sensing, Bluetooth detection, dimming control, and bi-level set points.


Aire and Space, Enlighted
Facility operators can use this pair of building-management tools to monitor systems such as lighting and HVAC while tracking occupant activity. Aire uses Enlighted’s distributed occupancy sensing network to provide demand-driven heating and cooling. Space is a cloud-hosted application that offers information on building usage and occupancy patterns via customizable maps. Both tools offer real-time analysis.


Greengate VisionTouch 5, Eaton
This Web application lets facility managers access their building’s Greengate lighting controls system without the need to install dedicated software. The program features an interactive floor plan that shows the status of components including fixtures and sensors. Up to 500 users can simultaneously control, review, and schedule light levels for individual fixtures and fixture groups. The system can also import AutoCAD drawings.

Jesco Lighting

Infina Hardwired, Jesco Lighting
This 120V line-voltage LED linear lighting system can be wired behind walls, ceilings, and in coves, with a profile of 0.75" wide by 0.25" tall. It can be custom cut in 4" lengths with a maximum run of 150', and it is controllable using a wall switch. It is available in 2700K, 3000K, and 4000K with a CRI of 80-plus. It is UL-rated for interior applications and ETL-listed for interior and exterior plug-in. The system is electronic-low-voltage dimmable.


Lighting System, Ketra
This lighting system includes fixtures, controls, and software. All light sources offer tunable RGBW LED light from 1400K to 10,000K, with white light at a CRI of 90-plus and with dimming down to 0.1%. The system features custom user-input keypads, distributed controls, and a network interface (shown), and it can accommodate occupancy, vacancy, and daylight sensors. DMX input, full-universe output, and wireless connectivity are also offered.


Hub and Lighting Control App, Legrand
Legrand has updated its Adorne Wi-Fi lighting system. The new Hub is a back-end control center that syncs with a home’s Internet-connected lighting controls and lamps via Wi-Fi, while the new Legrand Lighting Control App allows occupants to manage fixtures from anywhere in the house using a mobile device. The Hub and app are compatible with select controls in the company’s Adorne portfolio.


Caséta Wireless, Lutron
This smart-home control system for indoor and outdoor lighting and shading products can be operated from anywhere using a wall switch, remote control, or a companion iOS and Android app. The system functions through the company’s Smart Bridge, which connects to the home’s Wi-Fi and uses radio frequency to communicate with other compatible Lutron devices in the home. The system works with LED, CFL, halogen, and incandescent lamps.

Osram Sylvania

Encelium Wireless Area Lighting Controller, Osram Sylvania
This controller can be used with devices such as zero-to-10V dimmable luminaires, LED drivers and ballasts, and GreenBus II devices, eliminating the need for batteries in the latter. It requires a standard 0.5" knockout for installation. A terminal block affords direct sensor connection, and it can accommodate wireless control for loads of up to 20A. It measures 3.5" long by 2.7" wide by 1.6" tall.

Philips Lighting

Hue Wireless Dimming Kit, Philips Lighting
A Philips Hue lamp and a portable, battery-powered dimmer switch pair in this off-the-shelf kit for residential applications. The dimmer can be used as a regular wall switch or as a remote control. The 9.5W dimmable A19 LED lamp is available in 2700K with a CRI of 80-plus and delivers 800 lumens. A single dimmer switch can control up to 10 Philips Hue lamps, and up to 12 switches can connect to a home’s Hue Bridge Wi-Fi controller.


Wireless Receptacle Controls, WattStopper/Legrand
These wireless receptacles extend occupancy-based lighting technology to plug loads by turning off the power to selected receptacles. Two receptacles—15A and 20A—are included, along with a radio-frequency transmitter, and feature auto on/off control as well as override and testing capabilities. With options for use with stand-alone occupancy sensors and the company’s Digital Lighting Management platform.