A family of line-voltage occupancy and vacancy sensors, the ODC series includes manual-on/auto-off override control. The compact, one-piece design eliminates separate power pack and sensor wiring. Available in passive infrared, ultrasonic, and multitechnology versions, the sensors feature both single and dual relay versions with mid-range, high-density, and extended-range lenses offered with select models. All models use auto-adapting technology, which continually adjusts to occupancy patterns in order to eliminate false triggering prevention. Occupancy sensors feature both open- and closed-loop daylight harvesting through an integrated photocell that automatically adjusts based on the level of natural light. All sensor models feature fail-safe circuitry which returns the sensors’ electronics to a closed position to maximize safety once power is restored after an electrical outage. High in-rush stability circuitry accommodates a variety of electronic ballast loads. The series complies with California’s Title 24 regulations for energy consumption. leviton.com