This glass-to-the-edge, 7" touchscreen lighting control station is designed for use in dynamic event spaces such as hotel ballrooms, museums, and restaurants. It allows the user to select and edit intensity, color, and position within a scene. The device can be used to control up to 36 zones on up to each of eight stations for a total of 288 zones on a network. Fresco has Ethernet for wired access as well as Bluetooth for wireless app control on other devices. You can also use digital motion sensors, daylight harvesting, RS-232, contact closure, and wall station input from nLight link devices. The scenes can be set and edited with partition status control and visualization. All device settings are stored on-board in non-volatile memory. The system is compatible with Fresco LMP dimmers and switching cabinets and its zones can be controlled with switching, forward or reverse phase dimming, zero-to-10V or optional direct DMX512 control for RGB and tunable white, and moving fixtures. Available in white, black, and natural aluminum finishes.