Osram Sylvania

This hardware module provides an interface to connect phase-cut dimmable (forward and reverse phase) ballasts and LED drivers to the Encelium GreenBus II communication network. Individually addressable, the phase-cut dimming module enables each group or zone of fixtures to be independently controlled and configured. Designed to control standard load types such as incandescent, halogen, fluorescent, and LED lamps, the device has a built-in relay which provides on/off switching control in addition to smooth dimming. The phase-cut dimmable fixtures connect to a phase-cut dimming module and can be controlled by any of the Encelium low-voltage wall station controllers, the touchscreen panel, or from Polaris 3D software through the communication network. Additional system capabilities include scheduling luminaire group operation for periods of reduced occupancy, customizing scenes for specific tasks or events, and changing luminaire group assignments for alternate room configurations. sylvania.com