Trybeca, Reggiani
Having made a detailed study of lighting shapes and materials, Reggiani is introducing the Trybeca family of recessed ceiling-mounted luminaires, which feature square, rectangular, and round apertures in four sizes. With the addition of special spacers, the fixtures can be installed in recessed, flush, and drop-mounted ceiling and wall applications. The versatile LED luminaires are offered in 2700K, 3000K, and 4000K at a CRI of either 85 or 93, and with lumen packages from 280 lumens to 4200 lumens, based on the selected size. The round version comes in diameters of 38-, 75-, 150-, and 300mm (1.5”, 2.95”, 5.9”, and 11.8” respectively); the square model is offered in dimensions of 38mm by 38mm (1.5” by 1.5”), 75mm by 75mm (2.95” by 2.95”), by 150mm (5.9” by 5.9”), and 300mm by 300mm (11.8” by 11.8”); and three rectangular sizes in 75mm by 118mm (2.95” by 4.64”), 150mm by 210mm (5.9” by 8.26”), and 183mm by 300mm (7.2” by 11.8”). IP44-rated and dimmable. Black and white embossed finishes are offered.