LEDs and Drivers

SlimStyle, Philips

SlimStyle emulates the look of an incandescent from the front, but features a slender profile that conceals LEDs in a form reminiscent of the Edison bulb with a smaller heat sink than earlier generations of LED lamps.

PrevaLED Cube, Osram Sylvania

A thin profile and white-colored facing help the PrevaLED Cube light engine to blend into a space’s design aesthetic as well as to accommodate retrofit applications.

Oslon Square, Osram Opto Semiconductors

Designed to withstand high ambient temperatures, the Oslon Square LED utilizes a smaller heat sink to streamline the designs of luminaires and lamps.


Lamps and Ballasts

How Good Design Will Make a Better Energy-Efficient Bulb

One U.K. lighting manufacturer is making high-end design its value proposition for its growing line of CFL lamps and accessories.

Plumen 002, Hulger

London-based studio Hulger is growing its portfolio of designer CFL lamps with Plumen 002.

Vivid 2 MR16 GU10 230V, Soraa

Soraa has launched a second generation of its Vivid MR16 GU10 LED lamps, the Vivid 2.