LEDs and Drivers

PAR38 LED, Acuity Brands/Acculamp

Acuity Brands has added a retrofit PAR 38 LED lamp for use in recessed applications to its S-Series of LED lamps.

Everline 55W Driver, Universal Lighting Technologies

Universal Lighting Technologies is expanding its Everline product family with a series of digitally programmable 55W LED drivers that allow factory or OEM settings to specific current levels.

Flexlum, Tivoli

A flexible, low-voltage LED system for highlighting architectural details, Flexlum is available in modular strand, flexible channel, and straight channel styles.


Lamps and Ballasts

iColor MR Gen 3, Philips ColorKinetics

The latest update to the Philips ColorKinetics iColor intelligent color-changing MR16 LED lamps offers up to 151 lumens of RGB light via high-intensity LED sources and with 17-, 30-, and 90-degree beam angles.

Super Pulse Start Long Life, Venture Lighting

These quartz metal halide lamps contain two quartz arc tubes, extending the life of the lamp to 40,000 hours twice as long as standard probe-start metal halide lamps.

Vivid PAR30 LN, Soraa

Suitable for use in interior and exterior applications, this 120V PAR30 long neck is available in 3000K with a CRI of 95 and a R9 value of 95.