LEDs and Drivers

2015 Products Issue: Nine LEDs and Drivers to Illuminate Fixtures

Higher efficacy and smaller form factors are expanding uses for LED light-source technology.

Optotronic Constant Current Step-Dimmable LED Power Supplies, Osram

This LED driver offers five fixed-output current options per model for powering LED light engines in high-bay, industrial, and direct-indirect applications.

LMH2 LED Module, Cree

Cree’s LMH2 LED Module with sunset dimming emulates the dimming capabilities of an incandescent light source.


Lamps and Ballasts

2015 Products Issue: Nine Efficient Lamps and Ballasts

These replacement lamps offer higher efficacy while using less energy than their predecessors.

Super Pulse Start Ceramic, Venture Lighting

The Super Pulse Start Ceramic lamp series offers high-efficacy, warm 3000K light to help designers showcase colorful products in retail spaces.

iColor MR Gen 3, Philips ColorKinetics

The latest update to the Philips ColorKinetics iColor intelligent color-changing MR16 LED lamps offers up to 151 lumens of RGB light via high-intensity LED sources and with 17-, 30-, and 90-degree beam angles.