1. DRAPER | SKYLIGHT FLEXSHADE | DRAPERINC.COM Installed directly into the skylight opening, Skylight FlexShades offer both solar and UV control. As long as rollers are level, the product can be installed at any angle, and a venting space between the shade and glass is recommended. Motorized or clutch operation is available with hardware finish choices of silver, black, white, ivory, or bronze enamel.

2. SOLATUBE | ZERO-TO-10-VOLT DAYLIGHT DIMMER | SOLATUBE.COM Applicable for use in schools, offices, and hospitality facilities, this dimmer provides the option of integrating Solatube daylighting systems into existing lighting schemes. Its scene control allows the dimmer to automatically adjust the daylight for preset tasks while time-clock-based operation provides 24-hour light management.

3. ZUMTOBEL LIGHTING | RLLC | ZUMTOBEL.US This Armstrong TechZone ceiling compatible luminaire is applicable for a variety of project types, including offices, retail, and institutional spaces. The Recessed Louver with Light Chamber (RLLC) has a matte white center louver and frosted acrylic side diffusers, allowing for individual or continuous row mounting. For use with T5 or T5HO lamps, a variety of panel options such as sprinklers, speakers, or MR16 downlights are available. More than 20,000 RLLC 5-foot luminaires with 6-inch panels are used in the Renzo Piano-designed New York Times headquarters building in New York City.

4. CIRALIGHT | SUNTRACKERONE | CIRALIGHT.COM SunTrackerOne, according to the manufacturer, produces more than nine times more light than a passive skylight. It uses an array of three mirrors that reflect sunlight into the building. The system is self-powered, fully automated, and tracks the sun from an hour after sunrise to an hour before sunset.

5. ENOCEAN | STM110 SENSOR TRANSMITTER | ENOCEAN.COM The STM 110 offers battery-free wireless lighting control technology, enables brightness sensors for dimming, and, according to the manufacturer, requires less than 19 footcandles to generate electricity. The power supply is provided by a small solar cell and the product can store energy for several days and function in total darkness.

6. NATURALITE SKYLIGHT SYSTEMS | N SERIES SKYLIGHTS | NATURALITE.COM This line of skylights has been tested and is compliant with Section 2405.5 of the International Building Code. Extruded from recycled aluminum, it features optional thermal-break frames. Offered as single-, double-, or triple-glazed units, the skylight is available with either self-flashing or a curb mount.