As the prevalence of LEDs continues to grow, so too do the industry events related to the solid-state lighting discussion. Among them, the ninth-annual LEDucation will be held March 5-6 in New York, and will showcase products from more than 200 manufacturers across tabletop displays that let the luminaires, sources, and controls speak for themselves. 

Blackjack Lighting

Quadra, Blackjack Lighting
Blackjack Lighting will be showcasing its 36W Quadra decorative pendant. For use in hospitality and office applications, the ultra-thin LED fixture is suspended from four cables and measures 4’ in length and less than one-half of an inch thick. Its edge-lit panels feature custom optical lengths, a reflective rear surface, and a thin extraction lens which emits 3000K at a CRI of 83 and provides 2,395 lumens. The fixture can be suspended from 2” to 72” and is TRIAC dimmable.


RGBW 4-IN-1 and Super Populated, Acolyte
Acolyte will add two LED tapelights to its spec-grade RibbonLyte line. The 6.5W RGBW 4-In-1 RibbonLyte features 18 LEDs per foot to offer 2700K and 6000K and an output of 283.11 lumens per foot to 293.29 lumens per foot.  The Super Populated series (shown) aims to eliminate typical LED hotspots and is offered in 4.5W and 6W versions that each feature 48 LEDs per foot and provide 3000K, 4100K, and 6000K. A 6.5W option features 30 LEDs per foot and offers 2400K, 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4100K, and 6000K.


iLas6, Electrix
Electrix’s iLas6 perimeter LED lighting system features injection molded optics for even illumination and is adjustable by 30 degrees within a 6” aperture. Suited for drywall and drop-ceiling applications, the fixture includes an extruded ratchet mechanism that allows it to align and lock in position. Dimmable, hi-flux LEDs provide 3000K at a standard output of 7.6W per foot and 655 lumens per foot as well as at a high output of 10.5W per foot and 1,200 lumens per foot. The line-voltage luminaire is powered with 120 to 277V AC, and it has a field-accessible driver.