COLOR KINETICS | Product: iColor Accent Powercore

An evolution of the company's iColor Accent fixture, iColor Accent Powercore is an LED-based alternative to neon suited to create seamless columns of color and color-changing effects. Its control resolution has been brought down to under 1 1/4-inch increments, allowing the fixtures to run video, graphics, and intricately designed effects. Using Powercore technology to accept line voltage, eliminating the need for external power supplies, fixtures are available in 2-, 4-, and 8-foot lengths and can be easily connected for continuous runs.

Product: eW Flex SLX

A strand of 50 white LED nodes (each containing five 2700K or 4200K LEDs) that use Color Kinetics' Chromasic-based intelligence for individual control, the eW Flex SLX is durable and flexible, and can be installed across nearly any interior or exterior surface. Each node can generate fully dimmable light and is available in two models, clear flat or translucent dome. Nodes can be arrayed in 4- or 12-inch increments along the three-wire cable.


Compact and bullet-shaped, the PAR196 LED PAR Lights provide high-performance, RGB illumination via 196 LEDs in seven circles, and can be affixed to ceilings, walls, floors, suspended, or direct mounted. The LEDs are clustered in evenly spaced patterns for optimal light output, through which a wide range of simple or complex color mixes, fixed color projection, or color changes in timed, dimming, or quick-flash sequences can be achieved. Each fixture is individually addressable and is made with a non-corroding composite housing.

CREE | Product: Warm White XLamp LEDs

Providing an ideal color for a full range of home and office task and accent lighting, the Warm White XLamp LEDs are available in the XLamp XR-E and XR-C power LED families and come in a color temperature range from 2600K to 5000K. The lamps can achieve up to 124 lumens at a correlated color temperature of 3000K while maintaining a uniform white light output.

ERCO | Product: Color Compensation

A new technology for ERCO's LED varychrome luminaires, Color Compensation allows designers to produce exactly the same hue of light from all fixtures of the same type. To ensure precise and consistent color, the luminous flux and dominant wavelength of each color-compensated luminaire are measured and adjusted individually, then compared to prescribed specific values. Based on this comparison, compensation factors are calculated and permanently stored in each control gear unit and identified on each fixture label.

NEXXUS LIGHTING | Product: Savi LED Lamps

Savi LED lamps offer an alternative to traditional incandescent lamps and are designed to last up to five years, even when operated 24 hours a day. The lamps have durable polycarbonate lenses and a proprietary heat sink and thermal management system, and contain high-powered white LEDs. The line includes MR16, R16, R20, R30, and R38 reflector lamps for downlighting and tracklighting applications, G11 and G25 white globes, as well as bent tip and flame tip candelabra-based lamps for chandeliers and accent lighting.

HESSAMERICA | Product: Ledia

Comprised of LED-illuminated, flush-mounted fixtures for indoor, outdoor, and underwater use, Ledia comes in two styles: Ledia LF, a tile-light system offered in four sizes that can be used in row or grid configurations, and Ledia LL, a series of striplights available in four lengths, from 9 1/2 inches to just under 40 inches. Each style features stainless-steel housings with tempered glass lenses bonded to the frame and the choice of red, blue, green, amber, white, or color-changing LEDs.

BARTCO LIGHTING | Product: Re LED Component System

Simplifying the use of LEDs in both new construction and retrofit applications, the Re LED Component System is comprised of eight, high-brightness LEDs packaged in standard fluorescent formats and coupled with low-profile drivers. Conforming to the dimensions of a G5-based linear T5 lamp, and fitting into virtually any existing 28W luminaire design, the Re-LT5-28 has an extruded aluminum body that provides an efficient heat sink for 5000K LEDs.

FAIL-SAFE | Product: Circadian Series

The Circadian Series of LED night-lights and chart lights (shown with an illuminated push button for easy identification) feature aluminum faceplate designs that allow for a soft, low-level even distribution of light. Available with a louvered or scoop design, each fixture measures 5 inches tall and 3 inches wide and provides up to 4 watts of light. LEDs are offered in white, amber, and red, while faceplates come in a standard white finish. Custom colors are also available.


Providing the necessary resources to create products for solid-state lighting applications, these two companies have collaborated to develop an LED Design Kit. Combining IRC's Anotherm technology, a thermally conductive aluminum alloy substrate, and Optek's LEDs, the kit consists of lighting modules, assemblies, components, and accessories. The assemblies feature 1W LEDs available in yellow, blue, green, red, and white, and offer a full 120-degree viewing angle.

Product: VLED Lab

An in-house visible LED lab designed to assist customers in developing solutions for applications involving solid-state lighting, the VLED Lab offers the ability to compare traditional lighting solutions to solid-state designs, as well as compare LEDs and assemblies side by side. The lab equipment includes a thermal imaging camera, a scanning electron microscope, a luminous flux and wavelength tester, and a spectroradiometer system.

OSRAM SYLVANIA | Product: HF2 Family

The HF2 Family of high-flux LED modules has an average rated life of 50,000 hours and is comprised of the following seven products: HF2 Chain, an alternative to neon in an extremely flat module; HF2 Stick, which contains six LEDs and can be used in place of fluorescent; HF2Stick XB, the high-brightness alternative to the HF2 Stick; HF2 Eye, a compact source for spotlighting applications; HF2 Linear, similar to the HF2 Stick; HF2X, which offers intense light for specialty illumination; and HF2 Narrow Flood, with a luminous intensity of up to 700 candelas for white light.

Product: BACKlight 2G BL04

An alternative to neon, the BACKlight 2G BL04 is suited to fit contours and curves with its narrow widths (less than 1/2 inch) and flexible wiring that can be bent up to 180 degrees. Each reel is made up of two 8-foot LED modules equipped with self-adhesive backing and mounting holes to allow for installation by screw, rivet, or snap-in spacers. LEDs are available in green, white, and blue, and provide a 120-degree viewing angle

Product: LINEARlight Power Flex

Available in three color temperatures of white—4700K, 5400K, and 6500K—with a viewing angle of 120 degrees per LED, the LINEARlight Power Flex is offered on a nine-foot reel consisting of 120 LEDs. It can be cut in the field into strips of six LEDs and each flexible printed circuit board has a self-adhesive backing for easy installation. The width of the module is under 1/2 inch.


The LED Low Bay is designed for use in warehouses, parking garages, and other applications that require reliable low-maintenance lighting. With its cool white light, high color rendering index, and instant on/off capabilities, the luminaire provides a clean design and optics that provide excellent visibility for improved safety. It can also be easily retrofitted to replace older, less efficient lighting systems.

Product: LED Floodlight

Integrating advanced technologies such as high-power LEDs and an internal thermal monitoring system, the LED Floodlight offers a range of exterior spot and flood lighting in two sizes—with 30 LEDs at 13 1/2 inches and with 60 LEDs at 21 inches—and two beam spreads, narrow at 10 degrees and wide at 25 degrees. LEDs are offered in RGB, warm white (3000K), neutral white (4000K), and other colors by request.

Product: LED Linear

The LED Linear is a sleek indoor/outdoor architectural luminaire ideal for grazing, back-lighting, covelighting, and wallwashing applications. Available in RGB, warm white (3000K), neutral white (4000K), and other colors by request, the fixture offers two beam spreads (narrow at 10 degrees and wide at 30 degrees) and nominal lengths of 1, 2, 3, and 4 feet. It's anodized aluminum housing is 3 inches wide.


This 1W surface-mount LED device can be mounted flat on a printed circuit board and provides high luminance, low thermal resistance, a water-clear lens, and a long lifespan. In addition, the series offers a full 140-degree viewing angle and LEDs are available in amber, blue, green, red, cool white (7000K), and daylight white (5500K).

WINONA LIGHTING | Product: V-Line Gen2 and Gen3

Two precision linear lighting systems, the V-Line Gen2 offers high output for wall grazing, wallwashing, and general illumination, while the Gen3 is ideal for highlighting architectural features. They offer beam spreads of 15, 30, 65, and 82 degrees and 30, 45, 65, and 82 degrees, respectively. Each is available with white (3000K and 6200K), amber, orange, red, green, cyan, and blue LEDs, and feature internal SmartDrivers with built-in dimming.

Product: STEP01 Square

One in a family of LED steplights, the surface-mount STEP01 Square measures just over 4 1/2 inches and has concealed optics. Eight LED colors are offered—warm white, cool white, amber, blue, cyan, green, red-orange, and red—and are available in both normal and high-output configurations. The fixture provides three light distribution patterns: short for narrow corridors, medium for wide corridors, and long for large area illumination. It's faceplates are constructed of solid aluminum, brass, or stainless steel.