The Koolbay LED luminaire is suitable for use in both a freezer or a cooler. The fixture uses only 150W and emits little heat and ultraviolet rays, minimizing food spoilage. A membrane bottom lens helps to reduce glare. Also, instant-on capabilities accommodate control systems, allowing the Koolbay to be turned on and off by occupancy sensors or timers to save more energy. Hubbell's patent-pending design dissipates heat generated by the LEDs, which helps the module last up to 60,000 hours.

The simpleLED line of LED light engines, designed to aid in the development and prototyping of SSL luminaires, features more than 600 customizable options, all featuring ANSI-binned integrated Luxeon Rebel LEDs. The 12 configurations include linear, circular, and square array layouts with one, two, three, four, six, or nine white 3000K, 3500K, or 4000K LEDs. All simpleLEDs support drive currents up to 1,000 mA and have a minimum CRI of 80.

This is the next generation of the company's 4-inch and 6-inch specification-grade LED downlights: the D4LED3 and D6LED3 are now available in high-efficacy models, and the D4LED4 and D6LED4 in high-output versions. The D4LED3 also features four 5W LEDs with an output of 47 lumens per watt to meet energy code requirements. The D4LED4 is best suited for applications that require high output capabilities and incorporates four 10W LEDs. The D6LED3 model uses 10 14W LEDs, while the D6LED4 model utilizes 10 28W LEDs. All fixtures in this product family provide, according to the manufacturer, 50,000-hour life at a lumen maintenance of 70 percent.

This new EMCO LED Garage luminaire (ELG) is designed for ceiling- or pendant-mounted installations in parking garages. The fixture housing incorporates extruded aluminum thermal radiation fins for better heat management. The design also helps to reduce debris build-up, helping to extend the life of the LEDs. The ELG also is available with an optional diffused acrylic lens, which limits perceived luminaire brightness, and contains individual LED arrays that are field replaceable for easier maintenance.

Nora's LED Tape Light measures 7/16-inch wide by 1/8-inch thick, emits a color temperature of 3000K and 65 lumens per foot. The string format is designed to cast no shadows, with its seamless glow and low profile, suiting it for discreet locations. The strips come in 16.4-foot-long rolls separable every 20 inches; although, each strip can be cut every 4 inches. The tape offers 18 LEDs per foot at 1.5W per foot, and 24W per roll. The silicone encapsulated tape is IP65 rated for wet locations.

The technology featured in the new LED module from GE Consumer and Industrial‘s LED business unit—Lumination—allows designers to easily upgrade LED directional lighting fixtures. The small, puck-shaped, dimmable module simply twists into place, says the manufacturer. Oftentimes, integrated LED luminaires are inflexible and require mechanical fasteners attaching an LED package to a heat sink and a plug to make the electrical connection. GE's new module makes the necessary thermal and electrical connections once twisted into its socket. Lumination purchased this next-generation LED module technology from Journée Lighting, a California-based LED fixture designer and manufacturer. The new fully dimmable GE brand LED module will debut in Journée Lighting's Azara and Pentas tracklight luminaires in early 2010. GE also is making the module available as a component for use by various LED luminaire manufacturers.

Osram's Orbeos is an organic light-emitting diode (OLED) source that produces warm white functional light appropriate for myriad architectural lighting applications. Measuring just 2.1-millimeters deep and weighing only 24 grams, the panel has a lamp surface diameter of 80 millimeters. According to the manufacturer, the OLED has an efficiency of 25 lumens per watt, surpassing halogen lamps, and it emits a color temperature of 2800K and CRI of up to 80 to match the warmth of incandescent lamps. Orbeos contains no mercury, releases no UV or infrared radiation, and is continuously dimmable.