With the speed at which technology is changing the world, perhaps the only certainty for the future is uncertainty. Knowing how, exactly, the lighting of tomorrow will manifest itself is difficult to prognosticate, so Douglas James of London-based lighting company Whitegoods (represented in the United States by Inter-lux) has created an adaptable lighting system made of modular components. “We future-proof our products by creating insert modules that allow for any fixture,” James explains.

Whitegoods Universal LED Module (ULM) permits the user to specify a preferred LED emitter from a range of manufacturers, including Xicato, Bridgelux, Philips, and Osram. The emitters are integrated so that they may be replaced without having to replace the entire luminaire, and the LED works with any of Whitegoods' downlight product offerings, including the wallwash, gimbal, and adjustable options.

The adaptable design of the ULM empowers specifiers to create architectural environments with lighting tools that are easy to install, maintain, and change—no matter what the future holds. “So many designers are building flexible spaces with multiple uses and with this system, you can be flexible,” James says.


Title: Whitegoods: Future Lighting - Future Proofing presented by Inter-lux
Team members: Guglielmo Strata and Douglas James (Whitegoods), Jeff Bramhall (Inter-lux)
Materials/luminaires: Data projector, 100mm linear lighting system with polycarbonate diffuser and 4000K T5 lamps, and various downlight housings and insert modules