Acolyte LED

Static White 3.0 and RGB 3.0 Matrix RibbonLyte, Acolyte LED
This pair of 24V LED striplights provides white and RGB light around curves and angled corners, consuming 3W per foot each. Static White is available in 2400K, 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4100K, and 6000K with 15 LEDs per foot delivering roughly 317 lumens per foot. The RGB option has 13 LEDs per foot delivering about 110 lumens per foot. The former is field-cuttable every 4.85" and the latter every 2.78".

Acuity Brands eldoLED

LightShape, Acuity Brands eldoLED
The company has added its LightShape technology to its DualDrive and SoloDrive LED drivers for applications requiring tunable white light. Using the company’s FluxTool Web application, specifiers can tune the driver for warm dimming or white applications, such as setting the current per LED output, color temperature, lumens per LED, and dimming curve. For use with a standard LED driver, and a zero-to-10V or a DALI dimmer.

Ambiance Lighting Systems

Zero-Load Transformers, Ambiance Lighting Systems
The RFID modules in these transformers cut interference from commonplace devices such as garage door openers and sensitive arc-fault circuit breakers. Local on/off switches eliminate the need for a wall switch, and a secondary facing can be swapped out via quick-release connectors without affecting the 120V wiring. In three sizes that can be replaced with larger models as the lighting system’s requirements change.


XLamp XHP35 LEDs, Cree
This family of high-power LEDs delivers up to 1,833 lumens from a 3.5mm-square footprint. They are available in color temperatures from 2700K to 8300K with a CRI of 70, 80, or 90, and they feature the company’s two- and three-step EasyWhite color rendering. A 12V, monolithic power-die delivers drive currents at 1A or less.


XLamp XQ-E High Intensity LEDs, Cree
These ultracompact white and color LEDs afford improved color mixing and consistency, doubling candela performance, according to the company. Available in white, red, red-orange, amber, green, blue, and royal blue, the LEDs are fitted with a primary optic that decreases the optical source size by more than half. The white options are available from 2700K to 6200K with a CRI of 70, 80, or 90.


Araya 5 with Tunable Color, Lumenetix
These logic modules connect to tunable-color, high-power round and mid-power linear LED arrays, delivering tunable and dimmable light from 1650K to 8000K with a CRI of 90-plus within a two-step MacAdam ellipse. In-line spectral capture and storage create a unique color model for each Zhaga-compliant LED array with consistent CRI and CCT. It is compatible with zero-to-10V wired controls and has on-board DMX and Bluetooth.


Hi-lume Premier, Lutron
This high-performance LED driver can control 96W of 24V constant-voltage loads while providing continuous dimming down to 0.1% and with a smooth fade from there to zero. For use with striplighting in applications such as cove, under- and overcabinet, and pathway lighting. A field-adjustable knob offers low-end output tuning to assist with fixture-to-fixture matching. It is UL listed and has an integrated wiring compartment.

Organic Lighting

LiniLED RGB and Top Power 2700K and 3000K, Organic Lighting
Designed to be used indoors and outdoors, these plug-and-play LED striplights are available in RGB and 2700K and 3000K for cabinet, retail, signage, marine, and other all-weather applications. The strips are 0.5" wide by 0.25" deep, can be specified in runs of up to 33' with 11 LEDs per foot, and are field-cuttable every 8". A constant-voltage, dimmable LED driver ensures consistent illumination.


SR308 and SR312 LED Light Engines, Terralux
For use in new and retrofit commercial wall sconces, these LED light engines can be mounted either horizontally or vertically and they deliver up to 152 lumens per watt. They are available in 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, and 4000K and with five lumen packages from 850 lumens to 2,100 lumens. Universal 120V/277V, zero-to-10V dimming is also included.

Thomas Research Products

LED96W-LT, Thomas Research Products
This 96W LED, line-voltage dimmable driver has universal input and works with both leading-edge and trailing-edge dimmers. The 20W driver accepts universal 120V/277V AC inputs, while a constant-current design eliminates flicker. It is UL listed for use in hazardous locations and features an IP66-rated thermal plastic housing for wet-location use.

Universal Lighting Technologies

Everline PA Series LED Driver, Universal Lighting Technologies
This programmable LED driver takes a 120V/277V input and provides a Class 2, 55W constant-current output, programmable down to 40% of the maximum rated current. It has input frequencies from 50 Hz to 60 Hz and a minimum dimming current of 15mA. Zero-to-10V dimming includes relative dimming, dim-to-off, and dimming curves. The driver measures 14.25" long by 1.18" wide by 1" tall, and it weighs 1 lb.

WAC Lighting

InvisiLED Pro3, WAC Lighting
This LED tapelight delivers up to 475 lumens per foot while consuming 5W, and has a profile that is less than 0.125" deep by 0.375" wide. It is available in 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, and 4500K with a CRI of 90 and 95. Bendable with curved clip accessories, it is suitable for undercabinet, accent, and covelighting applications and is field-cuttable to custom lengths. Linear runs can be installed in lengths of up to 40 feet. Electronic-low-voltage dimmable.