The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA), a member of the Global Lighting Forum (GLF), has announced an initiative to coordinate and promote LED technology on a global level.

The GLF is an international forum of industry organizations representing more than 5,000 lighting manufacturers and $50 billion annual sales. It includes Abilux (Brazil); China Association of Lighting Industry; Electric Lamp and Component Manufacturers Association (India); European Lamp Companies Federation; Japan Electric Lamp Manufacturers Association; Japan Luminaires Association; Lighting Council Australia; the National Electrical Manufacturers Association; Taiwan Lighting Fixture Export Association; and CELMA, a Europe federation representing 19 national manufacturer associations for luminaires and electro-technical components for luminaires, an observing member.

To ensure a positive introduction of LED technology, the GLF has established an LED Working Group, and the inaugural meeting took place this past fall in Shenzhen, China. "LEDs will play a dominant role in nearly every lighting application," says GLF Chairman Jan Denneman. To that end, the GLF is working with stakeholders, including governments and international organizations, to ensure that LED product offerings are reliable and provide consumers with a good end-user experience. The GLF is also assisting with the development of international standards and is producing educational materials on solid-state lighting, including the development of best practice guides and a guide to solid-state lighting nomenclature. For more information on the GLF's activities, contact GLF Secretary General Jürgen Sturm at