Lumileds Lumileds' new Luxeon C Color LED light sources, clockwise from left: PC amber; green, cyan, blue, and royal blue; red and red-orange; and white.

Lumileds is rethinking color mixing with its Luxeon C Color Line. Announced earlier this week, the family of high-power LED light sources is capable of delivering multiple colors from a single focal length. The addition of secondary optics maximizes optical efficiency and matches emission patterns for smoother color mixing while eliminating halos. The update is particularly suited for applications—such as studio, stage, and television lighting—that can require the simultaneous mixing of seven or more colors.

The light sources feature a low-dome design that renders them compact enough for use in fixtures such as tall and narrow wallwashers as well as emergency vehicle lighting, the company says, to ensure high center-beam candlepower. Other fixture types for which these light sources are suited include architectural and entertainment luminaires, color-tunable lamps, and horticulture fixtures.

Standard in 2mm by 2mm packages, the LED sources are hot-tested for performance at 85 C. A thermal-resistance substrate performs down to 2.8 C per watt to enhance performance while limiting the size of the heat sink.


The improved performance makes it easier for lighting designers to predict changes in chromacity and light output across temperatures for different light-source colors, said David Cosenza, product manager for the Luxeon C Color line, in a press release.

The line is offered in PC amber, red-orange, red, cyan, green, blue, and royal blue colors. Phosphor-converted whites are currently available in 4000K and 5700K with a CRI of 70 and with additional color temperatures offered in the coming months, according to the company.