Dreamscape Lighting DLED-5500 Hidden Cove LED
The DLED-5500 Hidden Cove LED linear fixture enables both seamless horizontal illumination and the creation of angular lighting effects. Available in 5- and 10-foot lengths with an extruded aluminum light reveal molding, it contains 20 2700K LEDs per foot and consumes 2.5W per foot. Custom runs are available.

GE Immersion
Using specially designed optics to focus peak light at the center of the case, Immersion LED display case lighting distributes light more evenly and produces a bright and uniform illuminance level of 1,500 lux. Available in 6-inch increments—from 24 inches to 72 inches—the fixture features multiple point sources of light for increased sparkle, while a close edge-to-edge fit reduces shadows. The luminaire comes in color temperatures of 3500K or 4200K.

Hydrel Paradox 10
Designed for uplighting architectural and landscape features, Hydrel's Paradox 10 in-grade luminaire uses a 22W RGB LED array to create DMX-controlled color-changing effects. Made up of a die-cast bronze or stainless steel door and a tempered clear flat borosilicate glass lens, the 10-inch-diameter fixture offers spot, medium flood, wide flood, and linear spread distributions and comes in natural bronze, stainless steel, or stainless steel with a brushed finish.

Juno Lighting Group LED Downlight
Offered in 5- and 6-inch sizes (in new construction and remodel styles) with color temperature options of 3000K, 3500K, and 4100K, the dimmable LED downlight consumes just 14W. A computer-optimized reflector and high-transmission diffusing lens create an optical system that delivers more than 600 lumens, and an integral heat sink allows for the efficient dissipation of heat.

Cree LR24
A 24-inch-square recessed LED luminaire, the LR24 produces high-quality, energy-efficient, uniform light for suspended-ceiling applications traditionally addressed by linear fluorescents. It delivers a color rendering index of 92 at only 0.5W to 0.75W per square foot, and is dimmable to 5 percent.

Jesco LED Lighting Solutions Flex-Up
Compact, lightweight, and flexible, Flex-Up low-voltage linear light strips contain high-performance RGB LEDs set 5/8 inches apart and can be programmed to match Pantone PMS colors. Made from durable, high-temperature, non-yellowing extruded circuit boards and mounting channels, the field-cuttable strips mount end-to-end for bendable patterns or continuous rows and can be specified in lengths up to 30 feet.

Cree LR4
Made up of three components—a housing, light engine, and reflector—the LR4 4-inch architectural recessed LED downlight generates high-efficacy, warm 2700K and 3500K white light by mixing the light from yellow and red LEDs. Designed to last 50,000 hours, according to the manufacturer, it delivers up to 540 lumens from less than 11W of power, can be dimmed, and has shield angles of 15 and 30 degrees.

Luminus Devices CST-90
The newest addition to the PhlatLight LED family, the CST-90 white PhlatLight LED enables lighting fixture OEMs to replace lamps and LED arrays with a single large LED, thanks to the CST-90's monolithic die. Measuring 9 millimeters, it comes in a connectorized chip-on-board package with standard mounting features and produces 1,000 lumens with 10W input (at 6500K) and 2,750 lumens at its maximum rated drive current.

Lighting Science Group Retail Display Series
Offering four slender profiles—Corner, Round, Flat, and Slim—in black or natural aluminum finishes, the Retail Display Series uses LEDs to display merchandise without the trace of damaging UV light. Consuming just 7W per foot (Slim uses only 5W), the fixtures have beam spreads from 45 to 55 degrees, contain acrylic or polycarbonate lenses, and use 2950K, 4100K, or 5200K LEDs.

Fawoo Technology Lumidas-H
Developed to replace 100W to 150W metal halide lamps, the LumiDas-H 22W dimmable LED PAR42 lamp contains 121 LEDs, provides 65 lumens per watt, and has a life span of 50,000-plus hours, according to the manufacturer. Measuring 6 inches in diameter, it has a 110-degree angle and is offered in color temperatures of 2950K, 3700K, and 5300K.

Osram Opto Semiconductors Advanced Power TopLED Plus
An ultra-white LED that delivers high brightness, low power, and high efficiency in a compact package, the Advanced Power TOPLED Plus uses the company's ThinGaN chip technology and chip level conversion to produce 75 lumens per watt. Available in whites ranging from 2700K to 6500K, it is fitted with a clear silicone lens for greater light extraction efficiency, consumes 0.5W, and is suited for a variety of indoor and outdoor applications.

Juno Lighting Group Trac 12 TL201LEDX Series
Ideal for undercabinet and covelighting, the second-generation Trac 12 TL201LEDX Series modules provide around 30 percent more light than their original counterparts and have a wide 140-degree light distribution. The slim, 1-inch, 0.7W, 1.3W, and 1.6W modules are fully dimmable, offered in 3000K or 4100K color temperatures, and come in a housing with a white or black finish.

Hydrel 4640
The 4640 knuckle-mount LED accent luminaire is designed with a rugged die-cast aluminum construction and an offset swivel for balance. Measuring 9 15/16 inches long, it has a crowned tempered-glass lens that diffuses 12W or 22W monochromatic LEDs offered in nine colors, including royal blue, warm white, and cyan. Available with wide flood, medium flood, linear spread, and spot distributions, the fixtures come in numerous (as well as custom) finishes.

CV Lighting Minicove LED
Ideal for cove, cabinet, and undercounter applications, the Minicove LED—measuring just ¾ inches high by ¾ inches wide—can fit into small spaces and provides evenly distributed, glare- and shadow-free illumination. Modules are available in up to approximately 11 ¾-inches in length, consume fewer than 4W per foot, and have a wide beam spread of 120 degrees.

Everbrite Lighting Technologies Medlux XLS II
The MedLux XLS II is a recessed, MRI-safe LED downlight that uses fewer than 60W of energy to deliver 50 footcandles of light at task level. Working with the same dimmer control system as the original XLS, but providing double the light output, it produces no radio frequency interference, which can disrupt patient scans.

LEDTronics PAR30-Style LED
A direct screw-in replacement for up to 75W PAR30 incandescent or halogen lamps, the 15-degree narrow-beam PAR30-style LED spotlight contains five 3W LEDs that produce 367 lumens—or 2,938 footcandles—of vivid warm-white light. Consuming just 9.5W, it has a color temperature of 3000K and a color rendering index of 80.

Martin Professional LC Plus Series
The LC Plus Series is a modular system of LED video panels with P3 (pixel push protocol) technology that closely integrates light, video, and set design for indoor and outdoor use. Designed for the rental and staging markets, it also is suited for fixed installations such as retail environments and outdoor architecture. The panels are 60 percent transparent, and have a very wide 100-degree horizontal viewing angle.

Lithonia Lighting Dom Series
A family of high-performance LED downlights, the DoM Series combines clean aesthetics with a low-glare, uniform light distribution. Available in 6- and 8-inch apertures with delivered lumens ranging from 600 to 1,500, each fixture has a height of 5 ¾ inches, features an integrated heat sink for thermal control, shields the LEDs from direct view, and is equipped with a one-piece die-cast housing with a white interior dome reflector.

Visa Lighting Light Wand
An individual 5/8-inch-diameter tube with an illuminated end, Light Wand can be used as a stand-alone fixture or combined to create an artistic effect. Offered in lengths ranging from 3 inches to 6 feet, each can be mounted in straight or curved sections, use a 1W LED, and have an oven-cured, no-VOC acrylic powder coat for painted finishes and an oven-cured, low-VOC clear coat for metal finishes.

Edge Lighting Lightbar
Able to be continuously linked for use under cabinets or mounted in coves, Lightbar is a linear, low-profile, dimmable LED lighting system that produces uniform illumination with a 120-degree beam spread and an adjustable 60-degree tilting range. It comes in 3- or 12-inch lengths (consuming 1.5W or 6W, respectively) and delivers 208 lumens per foot.

Intense Lighting SS4
The SS4, a 4-inch architectural recessed LED downlight, has an open reflector and a universal mounting bracket that adjusts for multiple ceiling types. Its light engine, which can be removed to accommodate future solid-state technology, can be accessed from above or below the ceiling and features an input power of 14W, a light output of 700 lumens, a 55-degree beam spread, a CRI of 83, and can be dimmed down to 5 percent.

Lightwild Lightwild Panel Series
At approximately ½-inch thick, the LightWild Panel Series can unobtrusively backlight translucent surfaces as well as illuminate tight spaces. Available in a variety of sizes—including 1 inch by 6 inches, 6 inches square, and 12 inches square—each provides the choice of 1- or 2-inch on-center LED spacing with options for warm white, cool white, and RGB colors. The panels can be delivered as is for screw mounting or in custom housings, and any combination can be used in a single run as long as the LEDs number fewer than 360.