The Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) has announced an early 2011 release for the 10th Edition of the Lighting Handbook-a staple in the compendium of lighting reference guides for the industry. Edited by David DiLaura, Kevin Houser, Richard Mistrick, and Gary Steffy, the new edition will reflect new illuminance determination procedures consisting of visual age-based illuminance ranges and mesopic adaptation; extensive updates on light sources, including solid-state lighting; holistic and complementary daylighting and electric lighting strategies; more extensive and specific qualitative lighting design criteria such as subjective impressions (psychological factors) and architectural spatial factors; broader quantitative criteria such as illuminance uniformities, power and energy aspects, light trespass, and light pollution; and in-depth coverage of sustainability practices with new chapters on daylighting, controls, sustainability, commissioning and energy management. For further details go to