Integrated Building and Construction Solutions (IBACOS), a Pittsburgh-based building science firm, has launched a free online High Performance Lighting Guide. Designed to help builders and homebuyers install attractive and energy-efficient lighting in new and existing homes, the guide was developed through a partnership with the U.S. Department of Energy's Building America Program, which tested the lighting technology used in specified room designs in its research homes.

Detailed descriptions, photographs, graphics, and floor plans explain the approach and techniques behind high performance lighting. The guide provides users ready-to-apply solutions that identify products and sources for lamps and fixtures, and features a Room-by-Room Design section, with examples of lighting strategies categorized by room.

'Energy-efficient lighting must provide adequate lighting quality, be properly specified and installed, and make use of products that are readily available,' says Duncan Prahl, research manager at IBACOS. 'The guide makes these steps easy for builders.' Future plans for the guide include an expansion of content with additional resources and design solutions.

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