These new LED products offer higher efficacies, smaller dimensions, meet the needs of an array of applications.


Luxeon CoB 1216, Lumileds
For use in high-lumen streetlights, high-bay luminaires, and downlights, the Luxeon CoB 1216 is latest addition to the second generation of the company’s chip-on-board (CoB) Core Range LEDs. Available in 2200K and 5700K, the LEDs have CRIs of 70, 80, and 90, and they achieve 150 lumens per watt to replace 100W to 150W high-intensity discharge lamps. A 23mm light-emitting surface fits within the standard 28mm-square package for use with a variety of optics. The LEDs are hot-tested to 85 C for performance, and they have a low-thermal-resistance substrate.


KR8 Downlights, Cree
Cree has added its WaveMax luminance technology to its KR Series LED downlights with the introduction of this eight-inch round-aperture fixture for new construction. The KR8 is available in 3000K, 3500K, and 4000K and with a CRI of 90-plus. The downlight has an efficacy of 77 lumens per watt, and it is zero-to-10V dimmable down to 1%. The fixture renders color within a four-step MacAdam Ellipse and comes with optical-grade acrylic optics and lenses. Beam angles of 15-, 25, and 40-degrees are available.


Nora Lighting
Cobalt LED Downlights, Nora Lighting
This series of LED retrofit downlights adds a 4” Premium deep-cone reflector/baffle model. An optical cutoff reduces glare and has a commercial aesthetic while its 1,000-lumen output makes it comparable to architectural grade fixtures on brightness and illumination. Dimmable, the fixture is available in 2700K, 3000K, and 4000K with a CRI of 95. It is fitted with LEDs whose heat is dissipated via a streamlined die-cast aluminum heat sink. Color finish options include bronze for the reflector and baffle, diffused clear with a white flange and haze with a white flange, also for the reflector, and all white for the reflector and the baffle.



Luxeon FlipChip White, Lumileds

Lumileds is growing its FlipChip line of chip-scale package (CSP) LEDs with the addition of a white option, joining Royal Blue and UV, which launched in 2013 and 2015, respectively. The CSP technology eliminates the standard sub-mount, shrinking package sizes and allowing the LED to instead be mounted directly to the PCB and reducing overall costs. Chips are offered in 1.4mm-square and 1.1mm-square package sizes with CRIs of either 70 or 80.