ardee | led lighttile |

This surface-mounted luminaire, available in square, rectangular or round housings, combines the benefits of LED technology with contemporary design. It can be used as illuminated room identifiers or as supplemental emergency lighting in building corridors. The tile can be used individually or grouped together. The ADA-compliant fixture is fabricated with a die-cast cover plate, and is available in five standard plated metallic and painted finishes. Twenty-six LEDs with a color temperature of 5000K illuminate the fixture. focal point | avenue series |

This family of luminaires utilizes a single T5 or T5HO lamp. Avenue A has a precision-formed micro-optic that delivers vertical illumination and washes walls from ceiling to floor. The 2-inch aperture is visually unobtrusive, and a black perforated diffuser minimizes lamp glare. Luminaires can be mounted end to end or spaced 6 feet or more on center. Avenue B has an aperture under 3 inches, a frosted acrylic lens, and a variety of trim options including recessed and flush. A semi-specular parabolic louver option is also available. spi lighting | echo 3.5 |

The Echo 3.5 combines the benefits of T5 and T5HO fluorescent lamps. The fixture features a 4-inch-diameter housing; a compact three-step mounting bracket for quick installation; cast-aluminum end caps; an integral electronic ballast; spring-loaded sockets for simple relamping; a variety of shielding and lensing options; and an efficient optical design. The fixture can be mounted directly to wall surfaces, or ceiling or stem mounted. The luminaire is available in 12 paint finishes and 4 metallic paint finishes, and is UL listed for wet locations. 360 lighting | apollo |

Designed specifically for healthcare applications, this family of luminaires combines the functionality of patient exam lights with ambient lighting, and is fitted with both T8 and T5HO lamps for flexibility. Features include: a low-brightness acrylic lens with a toolless locking system, a sealed optical compartment that wards off dirt and dust, a matte-white paint finish, and ballast accessibility from below. The luminaire measure 5 1/4 inches deep by 24 inches wide. derungs medical lighting | halux iris |

This light features a 'self-cooling' reflector design that allows air to circulate around the lamp. It provides an even light distribution and beam pattern, using one 12V/50W halogen lamp with an infrared reflective coating for increased energy conservation. The luminaire also features a fully pivoting 270-degree head, and radial grab ring for ease of use. A two-step switch enables the light to use either 60 or 100 percent intensity depending on the medical application. Measuring almost 62 inches tall in the freestanding version, the fixture is also available in wall- and ceiling-mounted options. peerless | lightfoil 2 & 3 |

This family of indirect luminaires is available in two styles--with or without a cylindrical tubular end. The curved foil, made of a lightweight yet rigid composite material, conceals the extruded aluminum housing, electronic components, and faceted optics. Balanced illumination provides maximum ceiling surface coverage, and a small portion of the light is redirected down the wall just below each luminaire. The fixture is available in lengths of 35, 45, 57, and 69 inches, for use with T5 or T5HO lamps, and white, silver, or bronze finishes.