the pursuit of energy efficiency and lower costs too often overshadow the need for quality lighting in workplace environments, according to a paper recently issued by the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) in conjunction with Orfield Laboratories, Haworth, Lutron Electronics, and Vista Window Film. Better Lighting and Daylighting Solutions: Improving Visual Quality in Office Environments-written primarily for interior designers-looks at the effects of both the physical attributes of light and also the perception of lighting quality on work performance. It argues that occupant productivity and satisfaction should supersede sustainability and budgetary concerns when designing a lighting or daylighting scheme for an office environment. The authors point out that over the lifetime of a building, total facilities costs only account for between 5 and 8 percent of a company's budget.

According to the report, 'In the built environment, we have been laboring under the impression that if we employ the most highly rated, energy-efficient lighting and daylighting products, we have achieved a sufficient lighting solution. From an occupancy standpoint, however, energy is only a secondary issue.'

The paper was developed to respond to ASID members' growing interest in lighting. 'Interior designers are now more and more responsible for the entire layout of the interior partitions, as well as the finishes, fixtures, and equipment layouts,' says Bruce Goff, ASID member and principal of Nevada-based Domus Design Group. 'Finishes and furniture layouts are affected by lighting; and lighting is affected by finishes and furniture layouts.'

The report is separated into six sections: The first three provide a general introduction to office lighting and daylighting. Part Four examines the technical aspects of workplace lighting. Part Five lists common lighting problems found in offices, and Part Six proposes future research inquiries. Complimentary digital copies of the report are available at to ASID members; print copies are offered for $15 to members and for $22 to non-members. A|L