T8 U-Bent Lamps
Suitable for 2-foot-by-2-foot fixtures in a range of retail, office, school, and hospital settings, the 29W and 31W T8 U-bent lamps each contain only 3 mg of mercury. Available in 3000K, 3500K, and 4100K color temperatures, they feature a high lumen maintenance of 95 percent and a color rendering index of 85. Measuring 1 5/8 inches wide, they also deliver 30,000 hours of rated average life at 12 hours per start and 24,000 hours of rated average life at 3 hours per start on electronic instant-start ballasts.


Wireless Occupancy Sensor
Part of Leviton's integrated architectural lighting and energy management control offerings, the Wireless Occupancy Sensor, with energy-saving benefits and simple installation, is applicable for retrofit projects. Its automatic shutoff time can be adjusted, and an integrated solar cell powers the sensor using ambient light, eliminating the need for batteries.

Gardco Lighting

Combining a new white-light ceramic metal halide lamp and an optimized electronic ballast, the CosmoPolis outdoor lighting system from Gardco, a Philips group brand, maximizes performance, improves visibility, and provides a long life—20,000 hours at 60W and 30,000 hours at 140W—with low power consumption. Its highly visible white light has an initial lumen output of 6,900 lumens at 60W and 16,500 lumens at 140W, resulting in the need for fewer fixtures.

Osram Sylvania

Metalarc Powerball EL Ecologic
A 24W PAR30LN ceramic metal halide lamp with an integrated ballast, the Metalarc Powerball El Ecologic contains a spherical arc tube that provides high CRI and excellent red rendering with enhanced R9 for vibrant colors and crisp whites. Offering energy savings, longer life (12,000 hours average rated life), and higher efficiency than a halogen lamp, it has beam angles of 10, 15, 25, and 40 degrees.


A compact, low-cost solution for many lighting and automation applications, the IPAC (Integrated Professional Automation Computer)-GL1 was designed for simple wall-mount installation. Its front panel controls and LCD display deliver a user-friendly interface. Built-in relays, sensor inputs, and Ethernet, Cresnet, and RS-232 ports enable connectivity to numerous devices, controls, and networks.

Universal Lighting Technologies

Ultim8 Program Start
New additions to the ULTim8 high-efficiency family of ballasts, the ULTim8 Program Start models are equipped with technology that allows compatibility with occupancy sensors and other switching applications. Specifically designed to increase fluorescent lamp life by properly heating the lamp filaments during the starting process, the ballasts are available with universal voltage operation, can operate a variety of lamps, and have a low profile for simple installation.


Now available in the Maestro, Diva, Skylark, Ariadni, and Rotary families of dimming products, Eco-dim automatically reduces the amount of power delivered to a lamp by 15 percent, saving energy and extending lamp life with no noticeable difference to the quality of light. It is rated for 600W using incandescent or halogen lamps and all products work in single-pole and three-way applications.


Digital Lighting Management
A suite of plug-together lighting controls with automated self-configuring sensors, switches, and other components, Digital Lighting Management (DLM) has been engineered to meet and exceed energy codes and facilitate sustainable development for both new construction and retrofit projects. Equipped with bilevel control, daylight harvesting, and dimming, the system also features a Push 'n' Learn mode to quickly adjust parameters without the need for tools or a PC and infrared-enabled components for easy modifications.


A new family of induction lighting systems, HighHorse's features include ultralong life and excellent color rendering while delivering a higher level of maintained lumens over a longer period of time. Available from 40W to 400W in a variety of configurations, each comes in color temperatures from 4000K to 5000K with other color and dimming options available on request.


LM-Dot Connector
The newest member of the LM Series, the LM-Dot Connector is an ideal driver for high-power LED lighting applications. DMX- and LedSync-compatible, it can support multiple currents, a 15-bit control resolution, dimming, color control, and bidirectional communication. Measuring approximately 3 ½ inches wide by just under 2 inches tall, it also features robust thermal management.


Made up of a controller, a state-of-the-art multisensor, a remote control, and Philips Advance ballasts, the easy-to-install ActiLume lighting control system delivers maximum visual comfort and energy savings of up to 65 percent to the commercial sector. Designed with a low-profile housing, it can drive up to nine ballasts per system and control up to two zones independently. It also can accommodate DALI-compatible ballasts to further maximize its energy-savings potential.


The UltraMax instant-start, 2-, 3-, 4-, and 6-lamp family of bilevel dimming ballasts features parallel-wired units that can operate standard- or reduced-wattage F32T8 lamps and dim them down to 60 percent. Each low-profile housing is equipped with multivoltage input for line voltages from 108V to 305V and switching can be achieved with the use of simple single-pole switches or other more versatile power-line occupancy sensors.


A high-performance, universal voltage driver that provides energy-efficient LED dimming from 100 percent to 1 percent of light output, Hi-lume is compatible with numerous lighting control products as well as three-wire controls. Intended for downlighting, it has a 50,000-hour life span and internal thermal management to safely reduce light and power when operating at excessive temperatures.