TCP | Product: SuperT8

A linear fluorescent for high-bay lighting, the high-lumen SuperT8 lamp starts at 3,100 lumens, providing (according to the manufacturer) 10 percent more light than standard T8 lamps. It has a color temperature of 5000K and a rated life of 24,000 hours at 12 hours per start. ArmRlux, a shatter-resistant coating that reduces lumen output by one percent, is offered as an added feature on select T8 lamps.

Product: 54W T5HO

With a slim profile and shorter length to allow for a variety of uses, the 54W T5HO lamp has a CRI of 85. Offered in 3500K, 4100K, and 5000K color temperatures, the lamp provides 5,000 initial lumens—making it ideal for high ceiling applications—and a rated life of 30,000 hours.

VENTURE LIGHTING | Product: Uni-Form MP 575

This energy-saving, pulse-start metal halide lamp, part of the company's Super Site Lighting System, produces 60,000 initial lumens and embodies the manufacturer's proprietary tipless, formed-body arc tube technology for improved thermal characteristics, resulting in greater light output. Each lamp features weldless technology for reliable and consistent optical precision and has a rated life of 20,000-plus hours.

OSRAM SYLVANIA | Product: Octron Skywhite XP Ecologic

Ideal for applications where a feeling of daylight is desired, this linear fluorescent T8 lamp has a color temperature of 8000K, which provides a bluish-white light, and a CRI of 88. It produces 2,518 mean lumens and, at three hours per start on an instant-start ballast, has a 24,000-hour average rated life (30,000 hours on programmed rapid start). Ecologically sound, this lamp carries the company's Ecologic label and is Federal Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure (TCLP) compliant.


ADVANCE | Product: e-Vision Mini 20W

This 120V electronic HID ballast for ceramic metal halide lamps has a compact, versatile housing that measures approximately 4 1/4 inches by 1 1/4 inches by 1 1/4 inches. It delivers lamp wattage regulation to optimize lamp color quality and reduce lamp-to-lamp variations, and has a 90-degree-Celsius maximum case temperature rating to ensure long lamp life. Safety features include automatic lamp power control, lamp end-of-life detection, and lamp monitoring.

Product: e-Vision Mini Square and TrakStick

Two new compact and lightweight additions to the e-Vision line of HID electronic ballasts, Mini Square and TrakStick, for 39W and 70W ceramic metal halide lamps, offer superior performance, long life, and design flexibility. Both deliver lamp wattage regulation, feature IntelliVolt (Advance's proprietary multiple-voltage technology), and have all-metallic closures for superior heat transfer and universal code compliance, along with a 90-degree-Celsius maximum case temperature rating and multiple safety features.

ADVANCE | Product: e-Vision Compact 150W

For the operation of 150W metal halide lamps, this low-profile electronic HID ballast is 20 percent smaller (at approximately 6 1/4 inches by 3 1/2 inches by 1 1/2 inches) and 3 percent more efficient than the company's previous 150W offering. It features IntelliVolt multiple-voltage technology to enhance ease of ordering and reduce stocking requirements, as well as provide lamp wattage regulation. The ballast offers a maximum case temperature rating of 85 degrees Celsius and has a cold-start capability of minus 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

Product: e-Vision 2X39W

Designed to support the market for multi-lamp 39W metal halide fixtures, this electronic HID ballast operates two 39W metal halide lamps, which can result in the reduction of up-front product and installation costs. Measuring approximately 4 3/4 inches by 3 1/2 inches by 1 1/2 inches, it can easily blend into modern fixture designs and features IntelliVolt multiple-voltage technology as well as metallic closures for maximum performance and reliability. The ballast also incorporates lamp power control and lamp end-of-life detection.

OSRAM SYLVANIA | Product: Quicktronic QHE

Part of the high-efficiency Dulux L 28W Supersaver T5 Compact Fluorescent System, this instant-start, universal-voltage ballast will operate Dulux L 28W Supersaver Ecologic TT5 compact fluorescent lamps as well as FT40DL lamps. Proprietary Quicksense circuitry provides end-of-life protection and, according to the manufacturer, the ballast will produce energy savings of up to 6 percent over its standard electronic counterparts. It has a 0-degree-Fahrenheit starting temperature, is lightweight, and operates quietly.

FOSTER TRANSFORMER | Product: Dimmable LED Power Supply

The Dimmable LED Power Supply can be dimmed with a standard household dimmer and features a short circuit and overload protection. Encapsulated in epoxy and housed in a stainless-steel enclosure, the unit is virtually impervious to dirt, moisture, and corrosive elements, making it ideal for use with signage, lighting, and other industrial, commercial, and institutional applications. It can withstand a direct short in excess of 15 days, with no external fusing required, and accepts input voltages including 120V, 240V, and 277V.


LEVITON | Product: Decora Wall Switch Sensors

Available in occupancy and vacancy sensing models, the Decora Wall Switch Sensors contain an LED night-light that uses a photocell to automatically illuminate a room based on its ambient light level. Both models use passive infrared detection technology and feature a 180-degree field of view with approximately 1,200 feet of coverage. They also provide small motion detection, capable of sensing even the slightest movement. The sensors measure just over 4 inches high and come in white, ivory, grey, almond, and light almond.

THOMAS RESEARCH PRODUCTS | Product: ESP-Auto Quartz Restrike System

A compact, current-sensing, cylindrical device that wires directly to HID lamp circuits or to an emergency power generator, the ESP-Auto Quartz Restrike System is an auxiliary instant-on lighting system for all HID lamps in the event of failure. It can be used with any HID lamp or ballast on circuits from 39W to 1000W, in both indoor and outdoor installations, and operates auxiliary halogen quartz lamps from 100W to 250W.


Offering a combination of features such as self-testing/self-diagnostic operation, low-profile design, universal input, high lumen output, and suitability for damp locations, the REDiTEST LP600STU can operate one 14W to 54W (2- to 4-foot) T5 or T5HO, one 15W to 55W (2- to 5-foot) T8 or T8HO, and one 36W to 55W W (4-pin) long compact for at least 90 minutes. It provides up to 1,325 initial lumens of emergency light output and includes the manufacturer's end-of-lamp-life circuitry protection.

ACUITY BRANDS LIGHTING | Product: Simply5 Lighting Intelligence

Built on the premise that lighting controls should be simple to design, specify, use, and maintain, Simply5 is an intelligent lighting control system that easily incorporates features such as daylight harvesting and local dimming, while offering a high degree of control over any environment. Integrated plug-and-play control elements allow for flexibility and reconfiguration, as components can be added or removed at any time, without any special communication cable or device.

PHAROS ARCHITECTURAL CONTROLS | Product: Audio Visual Controller

Designed to complement the Lighting Playback Controller (LPC), the Audio Visual Controller is a compact, solid-state device that, when used with the LPC, can be used to program lighting, audio, and visual elements as part of the same time-line. Pharos Designer Software incorporates the simulation of both lighting and video so that the entire presentation can be mapped out, and the design proven at the specification stage.

LUTRON | Product: ZIP

Suitable for both commercial and residential applications, ZIP is a multi-location, touch-control dimmer that provides an easy way to set light levels. The user need only touch the highest point of the panel for 100-percent bright light, or the lowest point for 1-percent light. LEDs, available in green, white, and blue, indicate the light level and a status indicator shows when the lights are on or off. In addition, the panel makes a soft click to confirm the selection made and doubles as a nightlight.

Product: GRAFIK Eye GS

As the next-generation GRAFIK Eye, the GS contains more options. It allows for the control of both lighting scenes and individual fixtures, can incorporate an optional column of buttons that control shades independently of lights, and provides power and communication for occupancy sensors. In addition, a new user-friendly display (with backlit buttons) makes it easier to read energy savings, light levels, and time clock information. It is offered in 30 colors and finishes.