Eco-Friendly Halogen A19 Lamp, Bulbrite • This fully dimmable halogen lamp is available in four wattages: 29W (equivalent to a 40W incandescent), 43W (equivalent to a 60W incandescent), 53W (equivalent to a 75W incandescent), and 72W (equivalent to a 100W incandescent). The lamp, which comes in packs of two or six, can be used with a full range of light fixtures so long as the fixture runs on a 120V lighting system. The lamp is available in clear or soft white and has a 1,000-hour lamp life, according to the manufacturer.

Stairwell Retrofit Solution, Lutron • The Stairwell Retrofit Solution Kit adjusts light output based on stairwell occupancy. The kit includes a retrofit luminaire (2-, 3-, and 4-foot lengths) with one- or two-lamp configurations for T8, T5HE, or T5HO lamps and a Lutron digital dimming ballast. It can be ceiling- or wall-mounted and runs on 120 to 277 universal input voltage. The fixture is connected to a Lutron Radio Powr Savr occupancy sensor with the company’s Clear Connect RF technology. One sensor can connect up to 10 luminaires. The separate fixture and sensor components allow for installation flexibility.
TPMC V-Panel Touchscreen, Crestron Electronics • According to the manufacturer, the TPMC V-Panel is the thinnest fully integrated touchscreen available that combines with a powerful digital graphics engine. Applications include control of home theater, lighting, thermostats, A/V networks, security cameras, pool and spa areas, as well as any other connected automation systems. Available in 12- and 15-inch sizes, both versions are 2 inches thick and have an edge-to-edge glass design that provides a large viewing field. Finishes are black or white. Model styles are tabletop tilt, in-wall mount, or VESA mount. The panels use the company’s Core 3 operating system, which supports Flash, HTML5, H.264 high-definition video, and Internet Explorer. 
Diva C•L Dimmer, Lutron • These dimmers, which aid in more reliable performance, according to the company, for compact fluorescents and LEDs over standard dimmers, also provide full-range dimming for incandescent and halogen lamps. The advanced dimming circuitry is designed to be compatible with most high-efficacy lamps. Multiple types of lamps can be mixed on a single dimmer and an adjustment dial aids in setting the bottom of the dimming range for particular lamps.
Viribright 5W LED Lamp, Matrix Lighting • These LED lamps are available in 2800K, 4000K, and 5600K with a lumen output of 300, 360, and 360, respectively. With a beam spread of 270 degrees and a color rendering of 80-plus, the lamps have an operating life of 20,000 hours, according to the manufacturer. The lamps are UL-approved and are awaiting Energy Star approval. 
Lighting Control Engine (LCE), E:cue • This high-performance lighting-control server is designed to oversee large and complex projects. Equipped with the E:cue Lighting Application Suite 5.2, the LCE can output to DMX/RDM, e:net, and other protocols such as Art-Net and KiNET. A touchscreen monitor on the front of the aluminum-housing unit, which measures 19.86 inches wide by 19.17 inches tall by 5 inches deep, allows for an easy user interface. The LCE can be mounted in a 19-inch rack.
Occupancy Sensor Fluorescent Ceiling Lampholder, Leviton • A new addition to Leviton’s line of fluorescent ceiling lampholders for closets and closed spaces, this lampholder features an occupancy sensor that turns lights on or off. No wall switch is required and a green LED indicator light blinks when motion is detected. Designed to provide maximum coverage, four knockout holes on the box along with a self-contained sensor provide a 284-degree field of view. The device automatically turns off after three minutes of inactivity. 
LED PAR Dimmables, Bulbrite • This third generation of dimmable LED PAR lamps has an integrated circuit-dimming technology for extra-smooth dimming down to 5 percent light output without any flickering or noise. The lamps have a color-rendering index of 80-plus and a correlated color temperature of 3000K warm-white. For use with 120V electrical systems, the PAR30 uses 9W and the PAR38 uses 11W. Beam spreads are available in 25 and 40 degrees and the lamps meet Energy Star requirements. 
Hybrid Halogen-CFL, GE • This new lamp offering from GE marries the shape of an incandescent with the instant brightness of a halogen and the energy efficiency and longer-rated life of a compact fluorescent (CFL). The halogen capsule inside the lamp turns on instantly and then shuts off once the CFL reaches full brightness. GE’s science and research team has engineered the lamp to operate with just 1 milligram of mercury, and 15W and 20W hybrid lamps will be the first of this series introduced.
GreenMax Relay Control System, Leviton • This modular design—with contractors, specifiers, and end users in mind—offers several relay options and includes integrated dimming. The system features a 25,000-amp short-circuit-current rating, daylight harvesting, and smart-metering capabilities. Programming and monitoring is done via a portable handheld display unit, which enables onsite or remote access. The system supports native network protocols of BACnet/IP, Ethernet, and LumaCAN. 
Dimmable LED Lamps, Toshiba • Toshiba’s offering of dimmable LED lamps includes MR16, PAR20, PAR30 (short and long neck), and a 7.8W A19 (incandescent) replacement lamp. The MR16s are available with GU5.3 and GU10 bases. The GU5.3 comes with a spot, narrow-flood and flood-beam spread and the GU10 is available with a narrow-flood-beam spread. The PAR20 is available with a spot and narrow-flood-beam spread and the PAR30s and PAR38 have spot, narrow-flood, and flood distributions. Color rendering is 80-plus for all lamps.
LCD Touch Screen, Panasonic Electrical Works Corp. of America • Panasonic has added the new LCD Touch Screen switch to its line of two-way lighting-control components. The new WRT9261 provides control for 24 individual, zones, or scenes and up to six dimming switches or any combination. Three selectable screen tabs provide easy navigation. It has a timed backlight and also fits a two-gang electrical box.
PAR38 LED Replacement, Solais • Well suited for track and recessed lighting applications that require excellent color rendering, the PAR38 LED Replacement lamp from Solais provides a lumen output of 1,200 at a 3000K warm-white color temperature and has a 25-degree beam spread. The lamp features the company’s Luxiance technology, which aids in actively cooling the LEDs and power supply. 
High Horse Electronic HID Ballast, Fulham • These low-frequency Electronic HID ballasts for low-wattage lamps (22W to 175W) provide 15 percent more energy-efficiency than traditional magnetic ballasts and also have a faster strike and restrike time. The improved lumen maintenance allows the use of fewer- or lower-wattage fixtures. The ballast also aids in optimizing the lamp as it ages and it has an automatic shutdown when it senses end of lamp life. The small case size (no larger than 6 inches) and light weight make for easy installation.