Steampunk Sconce, Boyd Lighting

An oval-shaped glass diffuser and riveted bracket puts a modern spin on Victorian-inspired design.

Scotch Club, Marset

Barcelona, Spain–based designer Xavier Mañosa and Turkish studio Mashallah re-imagine the 1970s disco ball as a luminaire.

Dome Arc Chandelier, jGoodDesign

An arched brass rod supports two hand-blown glass diffusers to soften the look of this industrial material pairing.



Denon LED Flush Mount, Acuity Brands/Lithonia Lighting

Lithonia Lighting has updated its line of flush-mounted fixtures with seven models for small spaces such as closets and hallways.

Seem 2 and Seem 4 LED, Focal Point

Focal Point’s series of narrow-slot LED fixtures is designed for shadow-free illumination in applications requiring high-output, integrated light.

Silenzio, Luceplan

A suspended drum shade upholstered in Kvadrat’s 90% wool, neutral-toned Remix 2 textile absorbs sound while serving as a showpiece.



BeveLED Mini with Color Curve Dimming, USAI Lighting

Fitted with interchangeable optics for adjustable accent and wallwash applications, this 3" round- or square-aperture recessed LED downlight offers 700 lumens at 12W and 950 lumens at 18W.

MKS Advanced LED 5" Downlight Series, Sunlite

This series of insulation-contact-rated, baffle-trim LED downlights is offered in round and square 5" apertures.

Miro Cube ARC WNC, Rosco

Rosco has added to its Miro Cube LED luminaire series with this 4" by 4" by 4.25" LED positionable downlight.



Firehorse HotSpot2 LED Emergency Lighting System, Fulham Co.

The HotSpot2 converts any constant-current LED fixture into an LED emergency lighting system.

Champion EMW, Barron Lighting Group/Exitronix Emergency Lighting

This IP66-rated emergency lighting unit, is vandal resistant and stands up to extreme weather conditions.

Quantum ELMLT, Acuity Brands/Lithonia Lighting

The latest in Lithonia’s family of exit/emergency luminaires, the Quantum ELMLT features track and swivel lamp heads for high-output illumination greater than 90-minute code requirements.


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Relume Indoor Lighting Systems SpunBay LED High Bay Fixtures, Revolution Lighting Technologies

With a 22.7"-diameter spun-aluminum housing, this large-scale LED high-bay is suitable for tall-ceiling applications such as warehouses and supermarkets.

Cylinder Series 3.0, Meteor LED

This LED surface-mounted or suspended drum-shaped high-bay luminaire is designed for use in auditoriums, religious facilities, and educational high-ceiling applications.

Aramis AR150, Luminis

Luminis is growing its line of LED pendants to include the 6" aperture, high-power AR150 whose wide, 40-degree distribution suits it for high-ceiling applications.



LED wUndercab, Bruck Lighting

This low-profile, line-voltage LED luminaire is designed for under-cabinet applications.

Tameto, Waldmann

This rugged, linear tasklight comes with fixed and suspended mounting options for use in workbenches and at assembly workstations.

Line Chandelier, WAC Lighting

This edge-lit LED task luminaire provides a 30-degree asymmetrical forward-throw light distribution.



MX Recessed Multiples and Track Luminaires, Intense Lighting

This family of LED recessed multiples and tracklights is intended for spot and accent lighting in retail spaces requiring directional light.

E15 LED Track Spot, Bruck Lighting

An extruded-aluminum housing doubles as a heat sink for this dimmable, track-mounted spot fixture.

730 LED Spot Series 3, Wila Lighting, Ledra Brands

Wila's 730 LED Spot Series includes a 3" aperture LED luminaire in a machined aluminum housing for canopy or track applications.



S222, S223, and S224, The Lighting Quotient

This family of low-profile semi-recessed LED wallwasher uses a combination of refraction and total internal reflection to create an asymmetric distribution of light.

622 Recessed LED Wall Wash, Wila Lighting, Ledra Brands

The 622 Recessed LED wallwasher is fitted with a cold remote phosphor LED module by Xicato in 2700K, 3000K, 3000K Vibrant, 35000K, and 4000K at a CRI of either 80 or 95.

ColorGraze MX4 Powercore, Philips Color Kinetics

The ColorGraze MX4 Powercore—a surface-mounted, line-voltage, intelligent RGBW or RGBA linear wall grazer—features an expanded full-color palette.