Naro, Peerless
Designed for commercial office, retail environments, and educational facilities, Naro is a linear, indirect luminaire that can be ceiling-suspended or wall-mounted, and spaced 14-feet-on-center. With a profile measuring 4 ½ inches by 2¼ inches and available in 4- and 8-foot lengths, Naro delivers 90 to 92 percent energy efficiency. Available with use for one, two, or three T5 or T5HO lamps, the Naro can also be selected with a semispecular reflector for wide light distribution or with a white reflector for narrow beam optics. Luminaire configurations can be customized with X, T, and corner pattern connectors, as well as standard or sculpted die-cast aluminum end caps.

Mod TechZone, Litecontrol and Armstrong
Litecontrol has reengineered its Mod linear recessed lighting fixture to prequalify for fit and finish in Armstrong's TechZone Ceiling System. The TechZone System arranges lighting, air diffusers, and sprinkler heads in a linear “technical zone” to provide a less-cluttered ceiling plane. The Mod fixtures are available in either 6-inch-wide linear or 4-inch-wide linear versions, and both widths are available in 4- and 5-foot fixture lengths. A 6-inch-wide continuous version is available in longer lengths. All models coordinate with Armstrong's Optima and Ultima fine-textured ceiling panels and work with lay-in or tegular ceiling formats. The fixtures can be used with one or two linear fluorescent T5 or T5HO lamps. A diffuse lens and a white blade baffle help with light distribution and brightness control.

Binic, Foscarini
The work of French designer Ionna Vautrin, the Binic table lamp (named after a lighthouse on the coast of Brittany, France) is inspired by the shape of ventilator tubes on ships. Made of the copolymer acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (ABS)—a thermoplastic material that is lightweight but can create rigid custom-molded plastic parts—with a polycarbonate diffusing lens, the fixture uses a single 12W compact fluorescent lamp and has a compact footprint, measuring only 5 3/8 inches by 8 inches. The color selections—rich tones of white, green, amaranth, orange, petrol, or gray—add a sophisticated touch to this whimsical fixture.

Pulse, Prudential Ltg
Suited for open office, conference room, retail, hospitality, and library applications, this sculptural indirect/direct pendant, which is suspended by adjustable aircraft cables, draws its inspiration from California's coastline. The luminaire measures 9¼ inches wide and 5 inches tall and is available in either 4- or 8-foot lengths. Additional fixtures can be installed in 4-foot increments. Opaque white graduated acrylic baffles shield the T5 or T5HO lamps that connect to programmed start electronic ballasts. Options include emergency battery, dimming, and the manufacturer's RightLight daylight harvesting photo sensor system.