By its very definition the term innovation suggests something new or not yet conceived. whether innovation takes the form of an idea, an object, or a process does not matter so much as the desire to explore stays true. In the selection of people, projects, and products ARCHITECTURAL LIGHTING magazine has chosen to visit this month, each displays a dedication and commitment to seek new possibilities in their work, unwilling to accept the status quo.

From the unwavering devotion to craftsmanship and exploration of form and light in the luminaries of Italian lighting company LucePlan to the reexamination of an environment such as an airplane interior we think has no other possibility of expression, as in the case of the Dreamliner, we are reminded that the pursuit of excellence, when coupled with curiosity, results in the creation of exceptional design.

Yet often, even when it seems as if all possibilities have been explored, we are reminded that there is always another way to envision and interpret. The challenge is how to respond to information even when it reveals itself not to be favorable. The environmental initiatives of Architecture 2030, and the detailed sustainable systems integrated design approach to the Sidwell Friends Middle School Addition shows it can be done. And as long as we are honest with ourselves and admit that there is always room for improvement, then innovation is always at hand.