Appropriate for both interior and exterior applications, the Fora family of luminaires is available as a pendant, table (shown), or floor lamp. Each fixture has a cylindrical shade constructed of synthetic polyethylene fiber that is highly weather-resistant and enables the luminaire to cast a soft, diffuse light. The shade is available in natural white, graphite gray, and brown. The luminaire's cast-iron base creates a stable structure while also allowing light to hit the ground through its radial, tubular design. In addition, the light source—two 21W energy-saver lamps with screw-in SLS sockets—is protected by a medium-density, ultraviolet-protected polythene globe that creates a watertight fixture with a rating of IP55.


Made of curved, varnished metal sheets, the Polia wall sconce is designed to look like the pages of a book being turned. It can be mounted either vertically or horizontally and measures approximately 11 ¼ inches tall by 7 ½ inches wide by 3 ¾ inches deep at the widest point. The luminaire uses linear halogen energy-saving lamps, with a maximum of 120W for the vertical option and 160W for the horizontal. In addition, Polia conforms to U.S. ADA regulations, and comes in three different finishes: textured white, cor-ten weathered steel, or white with a front section in basalt gray.


Ombrella functions both as a shading umbrella (with a stainless-steel-and-aluminum structure and a white acrylic fabric canopy) and as an exterior luminaire. Indirect light is provided by four 3W RGB LEDs, while direct light is supplied by six 3200K and three 1W white LEDs fitted with 25-degree lenses. Ombrella can be used as a stand-alone fixture or linked together to a synched fitting system controlled via handset. It is powered at low-voltage 24V by its own electric power supply.


Perfect for retail applications, GE's new LED Retail PAR38 lamp is suitable for energy-efficient display and spotlight fixtures. The PAR38 lamp emits 850 lumens while using less than 16W of energy and, according to the manufacturer, offers enhanced color quality, advanced optics, reduced glare, and increased energy savings. The PAR38 lamp has a CRI of 82, which brings out the color of merchandise while reducing the potential for fading and discoloration. It also has a rated life of 25,000 hours at L70, which, according to the manufacturer, will help reduce maintenance and labor, as well as disposal costs. The lamp has been tested by GE's CALiPER-certified laboratories.


Belfer's two new series—PZ Trim and PZ Trimless—are designed for both retrofit and new construction applications in retail lighting. Available in one-to-four lamp options, these fixtures use the company's patented Axis light system that, according to the manufacturer, allows each lamp to adjust 33 degrees without losing illumination in the fixture cavity. The PZ luminaires use either halogen MR16 or metal halide PAR30 lamps and have an overall height of 5 inches, which can accommodate low ceiling conditions. The fixture also features a movable connection box that can be adjusted to suit any site, an electronic transformer that provides quiet and cool operation in any environment, and a less-than-two-week ship time for fixture rough-ins.