Hi-Glo, Landscape Forms

The pedestrian Hi-Glo cast-aluminum luminaire, designed for outdoor walkways, provides a 3700K warm-white light with a replaceable LED cartridge consisting of 48 Cree XRE 1.3W LEDs. With a height of 12 feet and a fixture head measuring 33 ½ inches long by 25 inches wide, the Hi-Glo offers a dimmable LED driver, twist-lock receptacle for a photocell, and a BUG rating of B1U1G1 to reduce glare and light pollution. Part of a full suite of outdoor street furnishings that includes seating and signage, a companion Lo-Glo bollard is also available. landscapeforms.com

Brutus, Eye Lighting

To reduce maintenance costs and extend pulse start metal halide (MH) lamp life, Eye Lighting has developed the Brutus: the first MH lamp with durable bracing to prevent structural, electrical, and arc-tube failures. Designed to withstand severe shock and vibration in commercial, industrial, and utility applications, such as bridges, docks, and refineries, the Brutus family is available in four wattages: 250W, 320W, 350W, and 400W. eyelighting.com

Neos, Schréder Lighting

Created for exterior applications, Schréder's robust and flexible Neos family of luminaires comes in a variety of sizes (compact, small, large, and extra large) to fulfill a variety of floodlighting needs. Available in metal halide or high-pressure sodium lamps from 50W to 1,000W with a flat tempered glass lens and IP66 ingress protection system, the Neos has a variety of options including various finishes (textured black, gray, white, and bronze, smooth aluminum, and custom colors) and accessories, including wire guards, glare shields, and louvers. schreder.usvaaztstrffwcduxcycbwauvxxzx