Buonanotte by Studio Italia Design was designed as a book rest and table lamp. Translating into “good night” in English, Buonanotte is ideal for those who read before going to bed. The fixture's metal frame has a sensor that turns the light on when the book is lifted and turns it off when the book is rested on the frame.

Rotaliana‘s MultiBook features a three-way multisocket to recharge electronics and is available in white, black, red, or dark blue. The book-shaped multifunctional piece has 74 LEDs around three sides for diffused light and the spine features a digital clock and calendar, making it a convenient bedside table accessory.

She, a wall lamp from FontanaArte, is available in two sizes and comes in polished white, polished gray, and polished black. Below the lighting source is a shelf to rest things such as nighttime reading materials.

Created as a wall and bedside lamp, FontanaArte‘s Ivory has shades in clear acid-etched glass, with the center of the piece finished in a polished aluminum. The electronic power supply is housed in the base of the shelf-like structure.

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