1 Resembling a droplet of water, only inverted and just over 3 feet tall, the diffuse light that glows from the white plastic shade of the Liquid Light Drop 4 by Büro Für Form can also be enjoyed as a ceiling- or wall-mounted fixture, as a table or floor lamp, or as a pendant. circle 218 2 Create a subtle nighttime effect on any façade with Space Lighting's 20W M4 recessed uplight. Its small cylindrical body with a 2-inch-square aluminum bezel can also be used indoors. circle 219 3 Protect small fingers and toes from hot fixture surfaces with the HP2 Series uplight by B-K Lighting. Available with ICEE (Interstice Cooling Evacuated Enclosure), a vacuum-sealed chamber between the lamp and the luminaire's surface reduces the transfer of thermal energy, thereby lowering the lens' temperature by 38 percent. circle 220 4 Puraluce by Studio Italia Design is made from a resin called methacrylate with a circular T5 lamp to complement its disc-shaped form. Place or hang it almost anywhere both inside and out, but take care not to mistake it for a stepping stone. circle 221