NOUVIR RESEARCH | Product: Fiber-Rail Banister

This 2-inch-diameter, freestanding, 8-foot fiber optic Banister module requires only an electric outlet. The self-contained unit has a fiber optic projector concealed in its base and adjustable spotlights mounted within the Banister behind a polycarbonate lens. One projector can illuminate up to 32 individual spotlights, whose 100 CRI, 3200K soft-edged beams can be aimed from 15 degrees to 50 degrees with no spill light. The connectable modules are finished in bronze with a clear powder coat for durability; stanchions, joining hardware, and decorative end caps are also available.

WYBRON | Product: Transition

This CMY fiber illuminator is ultra-bright and uses a dichroic color mixing technology that offers smooth color changes with nearly infinite color choices and silent operation. Its compact design measures less than 6 inches wide, and the unit weights less than 8 pounds. Using a 150W compact UHI light source, the fixture accepts 17mm to 34mm common-end fiber bundles.

FIBERSTARS | Product: EFO 3+3 Illuminator

Fanless, noiseless, and UL listed for damp and wet locations, the EFO 3+3 Illuminator contains one 70W metal halide lamp and produces 61 lumens per watt. It has two ports, each capable of connecting up to three large-core fibers, for a total of six fixtures per illuminator. It weighs 14 pounds and is made of 99.5 percent recycled aluminum and injection-molded plastic.