Landscape Lighting

Q-Hex Mini, Q-Tran

The Q-Tran HexMini is a power supply that can either be used as a magnetic toroidal transformer or a low-voltage driver.

Treemendous Mount, Luminated Landscapes

A mono-point mounting system for fixing low-voltage light fixtures in trees.

Luxor Wi-Fi, FX Luminaire

This LED landscape lighting control system offers both zoning and complete dimming capabilities.


Street and Roadway Lighting

Candela, Santa & Cole

Barcelona-based industrial designer Gonzalo Milá developed the Candela LED street lamp as a streamlined alternative to traditional streetscape illumination.


TLS-RTLM and TLS-RTLS LED Roadway Luminaires, Toshiba

The TLS-RTLM and TLS-RTLS LED Roadway Luminaires were designed to replace conventional 70W to 400W HID roadway lighting.


Forefront Area, Lighting Science Group

This LED luminaire is designed for exterior lighting applications including parking lots, pathways, and city streets.