From decorative lanterns powered by the sun to backup batteries for industrial luminaires, we round up the latest in emergency lighting.

Hubbell Lighting/Dual-Lite
NEMA 4X Industrial High-Lumen LED Emergency Light, Hubbell Lighting/Dual-Lite
This Title 24-compliant, high-output egress emergency luminaire, part of the company’s Dynamo DYN Series, can be spaced up to 74’ apart at a 12’ mounting height or 81’ apart at a 7.5’ mounting height, in both cases as a ceiling-mount illuminating a 6’ path. It features two sealed aluminum LED lamp heads whose construction dissipates heat while emitting even illumination. The fixture comes with a micro-controller base, a three-stage charger, and it can provide at least 90 minutes of illumination without light degradation when power is lost, the manufacturer says. The fixture can be wall-, truss-, or pole-mounted.


PackLite 12, LuminAid
This compact lantern—for use as an emergency luminaire—twists flat and can be inflated to an upright position. An array of 12 LEDs provides up to 12 hours of consistent illumination or 32 hours in flashing mode. An integrated solar panel allows the fixture to re-charge in 7 hours of consistent sunlight. The 4” cube weighs 3.5 oz., and it has an adjustable strap that renders it portable.

Wireless Environment
MB2100 Series Compact Emergency LED Drivers, Wireless Environment 
These intelligent battery backups are suited for use with a range of commercial and residential LED fixtures and comply with emergency-lighting specifications. In 7W, 14W, and 20W outputs, the drivers accept 85V AC to 277V AC. The driver measures 5.2” by 1.5” by 1.1” and weighs 1.3 lbs. It is fitted with an external battery pack, and is UL924 compliant.

Luci Aura, MPowerd

For small projects requiring aesthetically attractive alternatives should the electricity unexpectedly cut out, these inflatable LED lanterns are solar powered and last up to six hours for every eight hours spent in direct sunlight. Each one features a 10-LED array that is programmable to blue, cyan, orange, purple, red, white, and yellow hues, as well as a mode that cycles through all of them, and provides 50 lumens. The lantern measures 10cm tall by 12.7cm wide, and it is 2.5cm thick when collapsed.