CMF/TMF/ZMF Series, Chloride Systems • Designed for commercial and industrial applications, this family of emergency lighting options is available in 6V, 12V, or 24V, and in 25W to 450W units with high-performance MR16 lamp-head-assembly options. Lamp heads can be mounted on the top, sides, or bottom of the enclosure and the entire assembly can be wall-, column-, pole-, or I-beam-mounted. A 120V/277V dual-voltage input with surge protection and Intelli-Charge for self-diagnostics enables the series of products to serve as an emergency lighting unit. It continuously monitors all critical functions and also has an optional self-testing feature. The series includes a sealed lead-calcium or nickel-cadmium battery that surpasses 90 minutes of emergency power.

Max-Lite Series, Chloride Systems • For use where oil-, water-, and dust-resistance is required, Max-Lite is certified to NSF Standard 2 Splash Zone, UL-listed for use locations from zero to 40 C, has an onboard IR receiver standard, and is preprogrammed for an optional handheld device that allows for remote testing. Self-diagnosing equipment monitors critical functions, and it is available in 6V or 12V, and 25W to 150W units with tungsten or halogen lamp heads. Sealed lead-calcium or nickel-cadmium batteries supply 90 minutes of emergency power.
Edge-lit LED Exit Signs, Nora Lighting • Intended for use in public buildings and multifamily dwellings, these new edge-lit LED exit signs from Nora Lighting are available in four models: AC only; second and emergency circuit; 90-minute nickel-cadmium battery backup; and battery backup and New York approved. The two-piece housings are constructed of extruded aluminum and can be wall-, ceiling-, or side-mounted. Clear, mirrored acrylic faces are field-adjustable from zero to 90 degrees. Red or green letters can be selected in either 6- or 8-inch heights with single or double facings. The sign’s slim profile measures 12 inches wide by 10-5/8 inches tall by 1-5/8 inches deep. The signs are available in three finish options: natural aluminum, black, or white.