Rosco has added to its Miro Cube LED luminaire series with this 4" by 4" by 4.25" LED positionable downlight. The Miro Cube ARC WNC is offered in two configurations: a 1,200-lumen RGBW color-mixing version that uses Osram Ostar’s multichip LEDs, and a 3,100-lumen, 2800K to 6500K, tunable-white one that uses Cree’s XM-L LEDs. Standard beam spread is 15 degrees with optical lenses to produce 20-, 40-, and 60-degree distributions for the tunable white version only. Yolk mounted and fully adjustable, both versions consume 50W and feature an integral power supply with a hardwired 90V to 240V AC input and recessed RJ45-DMX data input connectors. Features include a touch panel with a full-text interface for manual control and a mode that mimics the delayed blackout glow of incandescent fixtures. Up to 48 luminaires can be ganged together on a single 20A circuit, and dimming is flicker-free in 8- or 16-bit resolution. Finish is black powdercoat.