Product: Composite Recessed CFL Downlights

Constructed of 100-percent, high-impact, corrosion-resistant composite material, NuTech Lighting's Energy Star-compliant, California Title 24- and NYC Calendar Number-approved Composite Recessed CFL Downlights are lightweight and, at only 4 1/4 inches tall, ideal for restricted spaces or angled ceilings. They feature an ellipsoidal reflector system, twist-on/off flush-mounted trims in 6-inch apertures, and a quick-release lamp system. Appearing as an integral one-piece unit, the body houses one or two dual- or triple-tube compact fluorescent lamps in many wattages.


Product: Focus and Varianti

A collection of small-aperture recessed downlights, Focus and Varianti provide high-performance illumination with energy-efficient MR11 or MR16 halogen lamps. Focus provides fixed downlighting in a dual-trim ring design for direct spot lighting, while Varianti offers aimable downlights and a two-ring design, allowing for 360-degree rotation and 35-degree tilting for precise placement of light. Each can accommodate lenses and louvers for a range of custom effects, and trims are offered in machined aluminum or natural brass in multiple finishes. Custom combinations can be specified as well.


Product: Square Downlight Series

Featuring a modular design and a two-stage optical system, the Square Downlight Series accepts a broad range of lamps and optical elements for open downlight, adjustable/accent, wallwash, and lens/shower applications. It's steel collar can be rotated plus or minus 7 1/2 degrees through the 4-inch aperture, providing precise alignment. In addition, all trims can be flush mounted to the ceiling and 2-inch square aperture pinhole trims are also available.


Product: H3 Square Trims

A new line of trims for Halo's H3 small-aperture recessed downlights, H3 Square Trims are dual-listed for use with low-voltage 50W MR16 and line-voltage 50W GU10 lamps. The family features three styles—adjustable, adjustable gimbal, and a regressed lens adjustable shower light—and is available in satin nickel, antique copper, and Tuscan bronze, as well as with baffle color options of white with black, white with white, and black with black. Trims can be installed into the company's H3 round aperture housings, which allow adjustments for perfect alignment.


Product: GS6 Series

The GS6 Series of square, 6-inch, specification-grade LED downlights is available in standard and high lumen output levels in three color temperatures: 3500K, 4200K, and 5100K. Each fixture contains 16 LEDs with a CRI of 69 to 79, and a louvered aluminum reflector, offered in semi-specular or white, that provides a 45-degree shielding angle. Heat generated by the LEDs is dissipated by the company's proprietary Heat Ejector technology, which maintains proper operating temperatures.


Product: OM4 Low Voltage

Designed for commercial accent lighting, the OM4 Low Voltage family of 4-inch down-lights has a depth of only 5 1/2 inches and takes MR16 lamps. Each fixture contains a die-cast lamp cartridge, nylon guides for horizontal rotation, and an integrated heat shield that includes a docking station for hot aiming. A wide array of trim options is available, including adjustable slot-cut cone, pinhole, lensed wallwash, open reflector, and open baffle.


Product: Element

Element is a recessed down-lighting system that features full locking rotation, tilt, and lens orientation, a three-lens capacity, and a small aperture. Available in square and round; flanged and flangeless; and open, lensed, and shower fixtures with die-cast trim options in four standard finishes, the luminaires' housing-mounted optics reduce glare. A hot aiming system can adjust the tilt up to 40 degrees and the pan to 361 degrees.


Product: DL32DGZ and DL2DGZ

Using concealed internal gear trains for self-locking adjustment of trim rotation and lamp holder aim, these downlights distribute stress load to reduce the chance of ceiling cracks, allow self-leveling, have a low-profile and efficient installation, and eliminate sightlines for a smooth, clean finish. The fixtures can accept up to three accessories for the control of beam distribution, color, and glare. Square (Model DL32DGZ) and round (Model DL2DGZ) trims are offered.


Product: 2Light

This luminaire creates a unique lighting effect by combining direct light with a diffuse lighting component. The result is a brilliant “corona” only visible from certain angles. The fixture also combines a square frame and round reflector for integration into modern architectural styles and additional accent lighting. It is dust-proof and can be opened without tools, thanks to a swing-down reflector unit and lamp holder, and can take both metal halide and compact fluorescent lamps.


Product: Architektur D4

A new collection of 4 1/2-inch-aperture, compact fluorescent, specification-grade downlights, the Architektur D4 series incorporates a twist-lock socket mechanism that properly positions lamps of various lengths and Virtual Source, the company's proprietary optical technology that produces equal cut-off to lamp and lamp image at a nominal 45-degree viewing angle. An assortment of trims is available, including clear, champagne gold, wheat, light wheat, pewter, and black.

Product: A6

This 6-inch, specification-grade downlight features 35-degree vertical and 362-degree rotational aiming, both of which can be locked in place without tools. The fixture's 20-gauge powder-painted steel housing comes in matte black and can take PAR30, AR111, and PAR36 lamps. Hot aiming (with trim in place) is standard for all trims, and die-cast aluminum flanges are offered in brushed aluminum, black, Zet metallic silver, and white. A variety of trim and reflector finishes are also available.

Product: D4LED and D6LED

An expansion to the Architektur line of downlights, the D4LED (containing four 3W LEDs) and D6LED (equipped with ten 3W LEDs) fixtures promise (according to the manufacturer) to provide high energy efficiency, excellent illumination, and lower operating costs. Both the 4- and 6-inch LED luminaires consist of two elements: a light engine/reflector assembly and a housing. Finishes include specular, semi-specular, haze, and American matte, while a selection of colors and flange options are also available.


Product: 4-inch evo LED Downlight

This downlight is available in color-changing and white versions. The color-changing fixture has RGB LEDs producing over 400 maintained lumens, while the high-brightness all-white version is available in 3000K or 4100K color temperatures. All LEDs within each luminaire are concealed, creating a smooth, uniform output of light, and a Frame-In-Kit is included in each fixture, making it easy to install in most applications. Diffuse or specular reflectors are offered.


Product: Limburg

Characterized by its low profile and shallow recessed depth, Limburg is made of hand-blown 3-ply opal glass in convex or flat configurations. Its housing measures just 5 1/2 inches deep to accommodate shallow plenums and is offered in three sizes: 9-, 12 1/2-, and 16-inch diameters for the convex version, and 10-, 14-, and 17-inch diameters for the flat version. The fixture takes multiple fluorescent lamp options and two finishes are available for each glass style.


Product: Elate

A line of specification-grade commercial recessed downlights, Elate offers customization capabilities, providing a wide range of options, such as open, lensed, and louvered fixtures, wallwashers, and pull-down adjustables in uniform aperture sizes. Reflectors come in a variety of standard colors in both specular and satin finishes, and fixtures can be easily installed with the company's Tru-Lock mounting system, which features T-Bar locking and locator notches for repeatable alignment.


Product: Evoke 2.9-Inch Downlight Series

Part of Amerlux's new EcoTectural line—which includes downlights, recessed adjustable accents, pinhole adjustable accents, and lens wall-wash fixtures with round or square apertures of under 3 inches—the Evoke 2.9-inch Downlight Series accepts a variety of low-wattage metal halide lamps. It is available in a range of anodized and baked aperture finishes with accessories including louvers and lenses. Depending on the lamp used, a variety of beam spreads is offered.