Lighting manufacturer Progress Lighting and LED systems developer Permlight Products have joined forces to launch a line of residential LED lighting products. Called HI-EFTM, the line will be introduced by summer 2006 and will focus on high-efficacy products that comply with California's Title 24 energy standards and the household hazardous waste disposal laws of Title 22.

Using Permlights' LED technology as the core of the product line, Progress Lighting will also work with Nichia and Cree as additional suppliers for warm white LEDs over 40 lumens per watt, which, like incandescent lamps, will enable dimming. According to Progress Lighting's vice president of brand management Jim Decker, both Progress Lighting and Permlight believe the time for residential LED systems is now, while industry analysts predict that the technology will be used to illuminate homes within two to five years.

Details of the complete line, including launch date, have yet to be announced, but when released, will be available through Progress Lighting at A|L