This year, more than 450 products were submitted to ARCHITECTURAL LIGHTING for consideration in our annual product issue. While product coverage has always been, and continues to be, an integral part of our editorial lineup, this issue in particular gives us the opportunity to take stock of the state of product development and technological advancements in the industry. And, we have to say, the future looks particularly bright. To start, the number of product submissions this year is a good indicator that the economy is on the rebound and that manufacturers have the resources to expand their R+D efforts. It’s also a sign that manufacturers have a greater level of comfort with the transformation from analog to digital and the solid-state products that are associated with that change than they did just a few years ago when LEDs emerged as a game-changer. 

In this package, you’ll find more than 150 lighting products, and as you look through them, keep in mind that this is all original-prepared content. We have scoured the spec sheets in search of the best and most pertinent information (and even stumbled upon some interesting typos along the way), all in order to cull out the salient features and technical items applicable to a particular category.

But product launches don’t occur in a vacuum. To provide a broader context for this latest class of light sources, luminaires, and control systems, we’re including a series of “Technology Trends” throughout this package that examines some of the latest issues affecting product development as a whole. The four topics explored in this issue are 3D printing, alternative avenues of funding, changing form factors, and greater control and automation. It’s all part of our continued commitment to provide you with the most informed snapshot of the latest product offerings.

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