Industry faces and company names may change, but one thing is constant: There will always be luminaires. This year, architectural lighting received more than 300 lighting-related products for consideration for our annual product issue, which we narrowed down to just over 150. That’s never an easy task, nor one that we take lightly. So how do we decide what to include? First, we rule out any products that we have already covered over the past year. Then, as we read through the literature and technical spec sheets, we ask: Is this something a lighting designer or an architect would specify for a project? We also take into consideration evolving lighting technologies and how they are playing out in the marketplace. Once the decisions have all been made, we then cull the salient features of a product to provide you with a useful snapshot—as we do with all of our product coverage throughout the year. Consider it our way of providing you with an advanced scouting report.