Luxeon S, Philips Lumileds • Designed with the retail and hospitality sectors in mind, the Luxeon S LED incorporates a thin-film flip chip, a Lumiramic phosphor, and nine LEDs in its architecture. Hot-tested at 85 C with a color rendering index of 80-plus and a correlated color temperature of 3000K, the Luxeon S delivers 1300 lumens and meets Philips’ “Freedom from Binning,” which according to the company means that there are no color bin selections to be made.

Architectural Linear Module, Cooper Lighting • The Architectural Linear Module Version 1.0 (ALM 1.0) is proprietary technology designed specifically with the company’s linear lighting offerings in mind. The technology features a dense array of low-powered (0.25W) LEDs, so the light source remains cool, eliminating the need for cumbersome heat sinks. The technology provides a color rendering index of 85 at three color temperatures (3000K, 3500K, and 4000K), delivers 90 lumens per watt, and is dimmable from 15 to 100 percent.
Galileo LEDme Track Luminaires, WAC Lighting • Designed with the dome shape of observatories in mind, this luminaire incorporates Cree’s multichip LED technology. The 12W fixture, offered in 3000K warm-white and 4000K cool-white, is dimmable with an electronic low-voltage dimmer, and can be ordered as a spot or flood luminaire for use with WAC’s 120V tracklighting systems. The fixture head can rotate 360 degrees and additional interchangeable optics are available. The luminaire measures 7 inches tall by 3-9/16 inches in diameter with a finish selection of black, brushed nickel, or white.

LED Puck Light, Nora Lighting • Designed for lighting applications where space is an issue, these slim LED puck lights measure 2-3/4 inches in diameter and 1/2 -inch thick. The 3W fixtures produce 70 lumens per watt and are available in two color temperatures: 3000K and 4200K. Working on a 12V system, the fixtures are dimmable, as is the power supply. Available in single units or a three-puck kit, 10 luminaires can also be daisy-chained together on a single run. ETL- and cETL-listed for dry locations, the fixture is also Title 24–compliant.
Array MR16-HO, Nexxus Lighting • The Array MR16-HO is a new LED direct-replacement lamp for halogen MR16 downlight and tracklight applications that uses the company’s patent-pending thermal-management system called Selective Heat Sink. This enables the lamp to operate at 12V AC and only use 6.5W to deliver more than 325 lumens. According to the manufacturer, the lamp has a life of 50,000 hours and has a color-rendering index of at least 83 at both 2700K and 3000K. The lamp is available in three beam spreads: an 18-degree spot, a 22-degree narrow-flood, and a 100-degree flood. It also can be used in either open or enclosed luminaires. LM-79 and LM-80 test reports are available online.
Line, Filix • Designed for interior and exterior applications, this linear in-grade recessed LED fixture with a stainless steel housing has a tempered glass lens for walk-over and drive-over installations. Available in three color temperatures (3000K, 4000K, or blue), the fixture has a standard beam spread of 120 degrees and a 45-degree optic can be ordered separately. The luminaire is IP67-rated and has no exposed hardware.
Switch-Mode LED Drivers, Thomas Research Products • This 96W Switch-Mode LED driver converts a wide range of AC voltage inputs to DC outputs. It is designed to deliver constant DC current without power fluctuations for any 96W LED fixture, fixed or dimmable. It meets UL and cUL Class 2 requirements. The prewired, compact rectangular box design fits most LED fixture enclosures. The active power factor correction is between 88 percent and 92 percent of maximum electrical load. The unit provides output over-voltage, over-current, and short-circuit protection, with automatic recovery and over-temperature protection. 
Aria 9000-RT, Dreamscape Lighting • This linear LED fixture features a flush-with-drywall self-finishing housing and a patented decorative white acrylic diffuser. Applicable for wall or ceiling mount applications, the fixture, which uses 2.5W or 3.9W LEDs, is dimmable down to 1 percent via a Lutron single driver dimmer. Available in multiple lengths, the housing measures 3-1/2 inches wide by 3 inches deep.
LumenPower Plus Narrow Beam, LightWild • This narrow-beam LED fixture is available with 18 cool-white, warm-white, or RGB LEDs. The housing measures 473/8 inches long by 4 inches wide by 33/16 inches tall and comes in two models—one for dry locations with a clear anodized aluminum finish and one for wet locations with a black anodized finish. The fixture features a colorless soft-focused glass lens and a beam angle of 30 degrees.
Ascent LED Light Module, American Fluorescent • This LED light module is designed to fit into 6-inch IC and non-IC new construction, remodel, and retrofit recessed downlights. The LED driver is mounted to the top of the die-cast heat sink. The entire unit measures 5.04 inches tall by 7.28 inches wide and has a white trim. The Ascent LED light module delivers 600 lumens at 3000K with a color-rendering index of 84. It meets Energy Star SSL standards and is cUL-listed for damp locations.
LED Upgrade Kits, Kim Lighting • These LED upgrade kits are designed for the company’s fixtures that use high-intensity discharge lamps—the Archtype, Structural, Wall Director, and WARP9 product lines. The kits keep the original luminaire construction and product-listing attributes while reducing energy consumption by half. Easily installed, the kits create a dual thermal-management system—conduction and convection—which helps absorb and dissipate heat for longer LED life and better lumen performance.
Bi-Pin Light Plugz, American Illumination • This light-engine series is designed for the Cree XP family of LEDs. Available in four models—LP1, LP3, LP5, and LP7—the light engines incorporate intelligent thermal-sensing technology, advanced custom optics from 10 to 80 degrees, and an improved heat tolerance with a selection of interchangeable heat sinks. Light Plugs are available with different standard connectors and lead-wire types and 
can be used for indoor and outdoor installations.
DimWheel Series, EldoLED • This is a one-button DMX controller that sets dim level, color, and show for LED drivers and DMX compatible luminaires. It works with most dimmer face plates and meets U.S., U.K., and European Union wall-box size requirements. The one-channel mode dims the light and turns it off and on for general white LED lighting applications. A two-channel mode allows for mixing of warm- and cool-white light. For static and dynamic full-color applications (RGB and RGB/A) there are three- and four-channel modes. The U.S. model measures 2 inches wide by 4.12 inches tall. 
Covelum Designer Series LED Color, Tivoli • This modular, bendable low-voltage cove and linear lighting system can be surface, recess, or semirecess mounted for direct or indirect ambient or accent indoor lighting. The integral two-wire design allows the fixture to form 90-degree angles as well as curved radii of all dimensions. Each individual module measures 0.75 inches wide by 1.15 inches high and uses 0.75W. Module chains are available in a minimum of 12-inch length, and custom lengths can also be requested. LEDs can be specified in four standard colors or 45 Colormix Pantone or CIE X/Y non-white coordinating colors. Lens channels are available in clear, frosted, or opaque.
Glassiled, Traxon Technologies • Suspended in glass without any visible connection, individual LEDs take on an ephemeral quality in these LED illuminated glass panels for partitions, balustrades, wall cladding, mirrors, shelves, and façades. Powered with a high-performance, invisible, conductive coating, the LEDs are available in 6500K cold-white, 3500K warm-white, and monochrome red, green, blue, and RGB. They also have power supplies and controls for static, dimmable, and color-changing applications. Available in three versions—Standard, Select, and Exclusive—offering different levels of customization, Glassiled is also offered in both monolithic and double-glazed units.
High-Bay, Lusio • This high-bay fixture is available in two models, a 1x4 and 2x2. The 1x4 measures 45-3/8 inches long by 8-1/8 inches wide. The 2x2 model measures 22 9/16 inches square. Both are 6-1/4 inches tall, can be cable- or surface-mounted, and are available in standard or high output at 4000K neutral-white or 5700K cool-white with a color-rendering index of 70. The LED light modules are field-replaceable. The housing is made of 80 percent recycled aluminum and is finished in a white powder-coat.
SS2P Soft Strip, Edge Lighting • This small, flexible lighting system is designed for areas where space is a premium. The Soft Strip is a 1/2 inch wide bendable copper strip with a thin layer of an optically clear protective coating. It has a light output of 2.3W per foot, a color-rendering index of 80-plus for warm-white LEDs, and a flexible aluminum heat sink. Soft Strip can be secured with the self-adhering industrial tape on the back of the strip. It is available in 2-inch lengths up to 40 feet and has easy plug-in connectors at each end.
Light Channel Millwork LED, Edge Lighting • Light Channel Millwork is a dimmable LED lighting system that creates uniform illumination for under- or above-cabinet, step, library, and retail installations. Available in 2-inch increments up to 96 inches, the system can be continuously linked end-to-end with plug-in or flexible connectors. With a light output of 2.3W per foot, each 12-inch length houses 36 warm-white LEDs with a color-rendering index of 80 plus.
Series 6000, Tempo Industries • This linear, modular LED fixture provides a minimum of 450 lumens per foot. It can be greater depending on the emitter configuration. Color temperature ranges from 2200K CandleLED up to 4500K. The fixture can be mounted either horizontally or vertically and features a unique articulated linking mechanism and mechanical pivot that provides shadowless light on illuminated surfaces. Each 12-inch module contains its own circuit board and finned heat sink made of a special zinc alloy to optimize thermal management. Lengths are available up to 6 feet and bends of 90 degree as well as arcs and ellipses can be formed.
Nevalo, TE Connectivity • This solid-state lighting system from TE Connectivity (formerly Tyco Electronics Corp.) features more than 60 LED light module options in lumen packages ranging from 300 to 3,400 lumens. The system also has optics with either internal reflection or reflectors, drivers with constant-current output, and dimming-control capabilities and temperature monitoring. Nevalo also has a ribbon-based, four-wire system that is physically keyed and color-coded for polarity, accurate power connections, and ease of manufacturing. Heat sinks are matched to the modules and a Web-based product configurator aids designers in specifying a system.
Covelum LED Outdoor, Tivoli • This indirect lighting module for defining building perimeters, entryways, pathways, parking areas, and signage uses 0.75W. It functions in both low and high ambient lighting conditions and is available in white and warm-white light outputs. The aluminum housings stand up to outdoor installations. At 2-1/2 inches on center, the fixture provides up to 90 lumens per foot with a color-rendering index of up to 78 per module. UL-, cUL-, ETL, cETL-, and CSA-listed for outdoor use above 3 feet. 
eDriver LED Power Supplies, ERG Lighting • The eDriver family of LED power supplies, intended for use in cove, architectural, refrigeration, parking, street, commercial, and bay lighting, is available in both constant voltage and constant-current drivers. The driver modules are 90 percent efficient and fully isolated with universal input (120V, 220V, and 277V) as well as a power-factor correction of greater than 90 percent and zero-to-10V dimming options. According to the manufacturer, this 100W LED power supply is one of the slimmest on the market—up to 30 percent slimmer than other drivers in similar power ranges.
Lumendome, Lumenpulse • These individual LED nodes are encased in a low-copper-content machined-aluminum housing and measure 5-1/8 inches wide by 7-1/4 inches tall. They have a light output of 2.5W and work with zero-to-10V, DMX, or DALI dimming options. A non-dimming version is also available. Each node can be connected by power cables to form a string for large-scale pixel-style applications. Available in three color temperatures (2700K, 3000K, and 4000K) and three colors (red, green, and blue), the housing is available in four finishes: silver-, black-, white-sandtext, and custom. l
HF2 Power Stick, Osram Sylvania • This high brightness, dimmable light engine module offers an alternative to fluorescent lamps and can be specified for general, cove, and tasklighting applications. It is available in two lengths: 18-1/2 inches and 5-1/2 inches. The longer option is outfitted with 42 LEDs and provides 1750 lumens, while the shorter length incorporates 14 LEDs and has an output of 580 lumens. Both lengths are available in 9W and 27W at both 3500K and 4000K.
Wall Washer Shield, Traxon Technologies • This IP66 (outdoor) rated, AC line input luminaire is outfitted with high-brightness 6500K cold-white LEDs that provide a rich wall-washing effect. Applicable for both interior and exterior applications, the fixture has a clear tempered glass lens; an aluminum die-cast housing; and multiple beam spreads, including 10, 20, 30, and 40 degrees, as well as open beam. Available in two lengths, 8.74 inches and 14 inches, both fixtures measure 10 inches high by 5 inches deep.
Solodrive AC Series, EldoLED • This integrated AC constant-current, single-control channel driver, is designed for high-power, general white LED lighting applications. It is available in a DALI or a zero-to-10V-compatible version. It also offers a 20-bit resolution and gamma-corrected dimming curve. It is suitable for all LEDs and comes in three sizes: 15.27 by 1.65 by 1.18 inches, 14.57 by 1.61 by 1.18 inches, and 9.06 by 3.15 by 1.18 inches. Power output is 100W.
Lumenfacade, Lumenpulse • This linear cove light is available in white and static color LEDs as well as RGB. It measures 2 inches wide and is available in four lengths (12, 24, 36, and 48 inches). The low-copper-content extruded aluminum housing is available in a polyester powdercoated finish, has aluminum endcaps, and stainless steel hardware. With a light output of 8W per foot (and 15W per foot for high-output LEDs), the fixture is available in beam spreads of 10, 30, and 60 degrees; in three color temperatures (2700K, 3000K, and 4000K); and three colors (red, green, and blue). The housing is available in four finishes: silver-, black-, white-sandtext, and custom.