2014 Annual Product Issue

AL received more than 450 lighting-related products for consideration for our annual product issue, which we narrowed down to 150.


Latest Products

LED wUndercab, Bruck Lighting

This low-profile, line-voltage LED luminaire is designed for under-cabinet applications.

730 LED Spot Series 3, Wila Lighting, Ledra Brands

Wila's 730 LED Spot Series includes a 3" aperture LED luminaire in a machined aluminum housing for canopy or track applications.

iColor MR Gen 3, Philips ColorKinetics

The latest update to the Philips ColorKinetics iColor intelligent color-changing MR16 LED lamps offers up to 151 lumens of RGB light via high-intensity LED sources and with 17-, 30-, and 90-degree beam angles.

Super Pulse Start Long Life, Venture Lighting

These quartz metal halide lamps contain two quartz arc tubes, extending the life of the lamp to 40,000 hours twice as long as standard probe-start metal halide lamps.

Vivid PAR30 LN, Soraa

Suitable for use in interior and exterior applications, this 120V PAR30 long neck is available in 3000K with a CRI of 95 and a R9 value of 95.

Vivid AR111 LED, Soraa

Soraa’s full-visible-spectrum LED AR111 low-voltage lamp—available with a CRI of 95 and an R9 value of 95—is intended for use in both indoor and outdoor applications.

Ultra B13 LED Lamps, Osram Sylvania

Osram Sylvania is expanding its collection of Ultra LED lamps to include a dimmable replacement for a 40W incandescent B10 lamp.

SKMR 1607LED, MaxLite

This 7W MR16 retrofit lamp features chip-on-board LEDs for a single shadow.

Omni A19 LED Lamp, Litetronics

This LED A19 retrofit lamp consumes 11W and distributes 825 lumens over 270 degrees.

Lite PAR Eco Series, Litetronics

Engineered to meet the lighting efficiency requirements of the U.S. Department of Energy’s 2007 Energy Independence and Security Act, this family of halogen PAR lamps improves lumens per watt by an average of 30% over traditional models.

Good Night, Lighting Science

Part of Lighting Science’s Definity Digital Series of biologically corrected light sources, Good Night works with the human body’s circadian rhythm to support natural melatonin production by emitting less blue light.

PAR38 19W Gold Dimmable, Ledzworld

This multiple source, 19W PAR38 LED lamp is designed for improved glare control and efficacy.


2013 Annual Product Issue

AL received more than 300 lighting-related products for consideration for our annual product issue, which we narrowed down to just over 150.


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