W Hotel Ft. Lauderdale

First floor plan

The porte-cochère entry. Pre-cast frames and punched openings are delineated with light.

Illuminated rings add scale to the 40-foot-tall porte-cochère entry. Recessed in-grade luminaires serve as subtle lane dividers.

Low ambient light levels and the sound of falling water greets guests as they enter the hotel. The “flying” candle fixtures are designed as a sculptural art element.

At the elevator banks in the background, backlit resin bands emit a saturated blue light and serve as indicator lights for the elevators. As the elevators move the light changes from white—an indicator of the cab’s location—to blue.

The hotel’s Whiskey Blue bar. Brass tubes suspended from the ceiling and outfitted with blue LEDs create a dramatic effect.

The hotel’s second floor lobby.

One of the hotel’s meeting rooms.

Third floor plan.

Small LED pointlights are embedded in the concrete wall behind the first floor lobby registration area. Small aperture downlights provide additional accent lighting and illumination for the desk surface.

At the pool niche, flexible LED fixtures are mounted to coordinate with the perforated corten panels on the ceiling and walls.

The pool stair is encased in resin and allows guests to walk back down into the lobby. Given the lighting restrictions—the adjacent beach is a sea turtle breeding ground—the pool and stair enclosure are the primary nighttime illuminated features. The lighting is intended to evoke the ethereal sense of walking through water.

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