Vera Wang

The elegant boutique is housed in a landmarked, residential building in Soho.

Custom extruded ceiling slots house mechanical systems and two multi-circuit tracks for controlling and hanging motorized theatrical equipment separately from AR111 spotlights. Fluorescent backlighting and translucent acrylic platforms allow the stair to double as display.

The two salons are subtly “knit” together with four-inch-deep perimeter floor troughs that house fluorescent and LED lights beneath the translucent resin. These can change color to compliment the designer’s collection.

A concealed color-changing LED grazer illuminates the wall in the main salon.

The rear salon floor trough subtly echoes the blue in the wall. The back and sidewalls are illuminated with concealed fluorescent coves and track-mounted MR16s fixtures.

Cascading, translucent shelving units drape from the ceiling in groups of three and slide along five recessed ceiling tracks that also house air diffusers, creating a multitude of layers. MR16 light fixture housings and tracks had to be coordinated within ¼-inch due to existing structure and HVAC systems.

The fitting rooms at the rear of the store, are conceived as translucent floating volumes.

In the fitting rooms the combination of LED grazing lights in the flow and the ceiling of the three-inch glass wall cavities and dimmable indirect fluorescent behind the mirror combine to create a soft, flattering light.

The lighting was carefully controlled and aimed to illuminate only the merchandise, avoiding scallops and excessive spill onto the translucent display shelving and walls.

The lighting is used to simulate a range of atmospheric states from daylight to moonlight.

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